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Operating a sustainable business in a fast-paced working environment requires a team of dedicated individuals and access to reliable equipment and stress-free document solutions, to help reduce business operation costs and overheads long-term. Printers and scanners continue to play an integral role in helping many companies improve the way that their business operates.

Many businesses are in a constant battle with their out-of-date document solutions. It seems that everyone in the office has accepted the fact that printers are temperamental in their nature – error messages, ink spills, a down network – has become common knowledge. It is estimated that a third of all IT support calls are about printers and scanners that need to either be repaired or replaced. That is why many of these companies are turning to MiSupport to help better manage their printing efforts in the workplace.


Key Stressors in the Document Solution World

When choosing a new printer or scanner that is cost-efficient, but at the same time, offers security and is a reliable operational resource, can pose various challenges. Many businesses try to avoid unnecessary hassle and costs by seeking a more reliable solution for their workplace. But when it comes to choosing the right device for you and your business, it can be difficult to know where to start.  

Choosing the right device

Picking a new printer is an obvious stressor – the market is oversaturated with printing and scanning devices in various shapes, forms and sizes and it can be impossible to know what the right option is for you and your business. The costs to invest in, run and manage a printer or scanner can, too, be very overwhelming and it can be tempting to go for the cheaper option instead. The question is: How to evaluate document solutions before committing your money?

For many businesses, managing an in-house document solution can take up to a third of their overall operation budget. It is crucial therefore, to have a reliable machine which operates smoothly and cost-efficiently, while also making sure that the needs of the business are being met.   

The TCO, also referred to as the Total Cost of Ownership, is a financial estimate intended to inform buyers and owners of the direct and indirect costs of a product or service. It is extremely useful in many cases when businesses are lured into buying the cheapest document solution without considering the long-term benefits.

Document solutions in the office is not a one-off payment but a continuous investment that will impact business financial operations long-term. Considering the TCO when it comes to choosing the right document solution for you will help you to better manage the business operations, choose a more sustainable option to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce overall operational costs.

Printer security

Many businesses now face the added risk of their being a security breach or having their equipment hacked. Amid these big security risks, business owners are looking for more secure and reliable document solutions to reduce the risk of having to shut down their operations because someone has hacked into their software. Sadly, printers and scanners are not exempt from these types of security risks and are one of the primary targets for hacker looking for a way into the system.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work remotely. Because of this, many companies have been encouraged to consider smart home office solutions and set ups that can be accessed from multiple locations across the globe. However, many businesses are still operating outdated document solutions that are being run on wireless networks and cloud-based systems. These document solutions store, transmit and print sensitive data that could attract unwanted cyber-attacks. Moving forward, organisations should focus on securing their printing devices and have a stress-free document solution, like MiSupport.

Environmental impact

The global pandemic has presented to us an opportunity to fight off Covid-19 and combat climate change. The printing and paper industry has previously had a reputation that goes against these efforts to be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint in the workplace.

Paper waste, for example, has been directly connected to deforestation, while chemical toner waste has been linked to harming the natural environment and destroying the surrounding wildlife. Many businesses are beginning to weigh up the impact they have on the environment and seeking new ways to be a more eco-conscious workplace and reduce their carbon footprint.

Paperless offices might still be a concept of the future, but the age of sustainable printing is here. By introducing the right document solutions that care about your business and the world, you can contribute to the green movement and avoid damaging your reputation in an environmentally conscious world.

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Twenty three percent of help desk calls are printer-related and half of office calls to internal IT departments are related to printing. We believe that printing should be stress-free, and this is why we now offer MiSupport on all our document solution products.

MiSupport Document solutions advantages

We offer an added value and all-in-one enhanced warranty, plus a training and technical support helpdesk service that can be added to your product or system at the point of purchase called Mi Support.

Mi Support includes a range of services beyond a warranty, clients and end users get unlimited access to MiSupport Training such as the AVIXA certified training course and unlimited access to the Mi Support Helpdesk, which includes dedicated UK technical support via phone, email or webinar. Clients with Mi Support will get a guaranteed faster resolution when things go wrong and an on-demand support service to keep continuity of their operations.

Minimise the cost and the hassle with stress-free document solutions covered by MiSupport.


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