Cut down school admin processes by 6 steps

Imagine the amount of time spent on paperwork by schools and universities, one of the main areas is pupil record keeping;

• Personal and home details
• Medical records
• School trips
• Parent consent forms for day trips and holidays
• Pupil photos on school’s social media site

to name but a few.

With increasing demands on schools to keep records for several years for future access, the need for easily searchable and secure electronic records is even more important. Currently many schools are scanning in documents and using Capita SIMS software to create individual child records in the pursuit of cutting their paper-based filing cabinets, but users are still required to manually open and file any new scanned documents into the correct SIMS record i.e. the individual student record. This additional step is time-consuming and increases the risk of error.

To remedy this, Brother have developed their Direct Scan Desktop Solution for users of Capita’s SIMS software. This enables the scanned document to be automatically filed in the relevant place, removing the need for admin staff to search for each record and file manually. All student records both digital and paper can be automatically stored together in one single, easily accessible location, ready to be searched and retrieved at a later date. 

This video explains how it works and highlights the ease of scanning, searching, importing and exporting.

This solution is straightforward and simple to use, especially as many school admin staff are already familiar with the Capita SIMS software. It's also ideal for: 

  • assisting with overall information security
  • pupil safeguarding
  • data protection laws

Check out the fully streamlined process and look at how much time can be saved - View here.

One easy hardware/software bundle

At Midwich we’re pleased to be able to offer a Brother A4 networked desktop scanner ADS2600WE/ADS2800W /or ADS3600N AND the Direct Scan Desktop Solution Software in one complete package, so if you have education customers who could do with saving time and enjoy greater efficiency at work, then either contact our Brother Sales Specialist Harriet Robbins or view our Scan to SIMS Bundle here.