Control and Conquer with Dazzling Videowalls

Control and Conquer with Dazzling Videowalls

Videowalls are a vibrant, unique way of getting your message across, informing and entertaining guests and showcasing your product or service. You’ll find displays in virtually every industry where a big impact is essential; from hospitals and healthcare to retail, car showrooms and airports.

With the right control, you can set up and deliver quality, attention-grabbing content that makes a positive, long-lasting impression.

Question; Are videowalls really only as good as the controller?

The display industry is moving fast and advancements in digital signage control requirements mean that customers demand greater freedom in creating and deploying small, medium and large scale projects.

Datapath understands that current challenges lie in the ease and flexibility of control, and ensuring the display is delivered professionally and seamlessly every time. This handy checklist for the perfect display used in partnership with the Datapath x4 and Fx4, will ensure your videowall is a success every time.


Five steps to dazzling videowall displays...


1. Content is key to ensuring your display is delivered to highest standard.

Make sure you have clear objectives, focused on the client’s needs. It’s easy to lose sight of the goal and become distracted with a wide subject area.

Whether you are creating from new or re-using content, there are many ways to display. Whatever the format, the playlist and production must be organised effectively. Datapath controllers give you the ability to repeat or overlap outputs for artistic effect, show parts of, or full images on any selected monitors in the videowall, make creative layouts of video walls in a mix of orientations for different sized monitors.

The simple bezel compensation available with Datapath’s free Wall Controller software makes sure images look correct and the whole image fits across the gap of the monitor bezels. Both the x4 and the Fx4 are equipped with all of these features, with the Fx4 allowing these for use with infinite displays.

2. Choose Quality

Be sure to select professional-grade products if the expectation of the display is just that.
You need to be confident that your products will stand up in the harshest of environments and 24/7 use. The quality of the content and how this displays to your audience is paramount too.

The x4 offers 1 x UHD input and 4 x HD outputs, displaying UHD 4K resolution images, while the Fx4 features up to UHD/4K60 input resolution meaning this controller can handle full 4K resolution at 6ohz refresh, for maximum resolution. The Fx4 also features a DisplayPort 1.2 main input alongside two HDMI1.4 inputs, offering either 4k 4096x2160p at 60 FPS or UHD 2160p at 30 FPS respectively. The intuitive user interface allows users to determine which input is used.

3. Where and how will you set up your videowall?

The host PC can be either at the videowall location (wireless) or in the server room (Ethernet).
You are able to scale multiple x4s with Datapath dl8's for large walls. The FX4 has dual ethernet ports which allow users to add the device to their networks and ‘daisy chain’, meaning you will only need to connect one Fx4 to the LAN, enabling you to connect multiple devices.

Find out how Datapath applied successful videowall control to unusual retail environments.

4. Protect your content

Content protection has been in operation since the VHS era and now with the ever growing popularity of digital content it have never been so important. The Fx4 offers HDCP (High-bandwith Digital Content Protection) on all inputs and outputs. Designed to create a secure connection between the source and display HDCP will protect your content and will cope with potential issues from playing a Blu-ray source for example.

5. Control and conquer

It is paramount that you are able to focus on getting your display up and running seamlessly, with absolutely no last minute glitches or hassle on the day. Both the X4 and the Fx4 have Gen-Locking capabilities enabling lower resolution images to be upscaled automatically. The x4 will automatically lock all four outputs with the Fx4 also offering this feature in the Displayport and HDMI too.

The Fx4 also features incredible independent control opportunities, meaning that you can set up and control on location, or from a control room. Straightforward network or USB interfaces allow the free control of settings (MAC OS X 10.6 & later) and the unit by systems like AMX, giving you ultimate flexibility when it matters most and proving that videowalls are in fact, only as good as their control.

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