5 reasons Epson’s 5 year warranty will make your life easier

Epson, a global leader in technology innovation continue to be ahead of the curve with a practical 5 year warranty with selected products. Here are 5 reasons why the 5 year warranty will make your life easier:

It’s super speedy: It includes an on-site swap service for CoverPlus Warranty projector service, with an engineer to arrive on-site to repair the product within 2 working days of a call being received

Sit back a relax: Epson’s warranty offer is owned by the customer, which cuts out you as the reseller in the event of fault or repairs being required

A market Leader: As the world leader in projectors since 2001*, you can trust Epson’s will always achieve show stopping results

It’s simple: Registering is as easy as 1,2,3. Literally. 1, purchase, 2, register, 3, complete

Joe’s here to help: Midwich are here to help. Our Epson Specialist Joe is on hand to help you – drop him a call 01379 647575

In a time where reliability is often overshadowed by the importance placed on aesthetics and minimal upfront costs, Epson have committed themselves to delivering products that work straight out of the box and continues to deliver to that same standard for a minimum of 5 years.