Collaborative Technology for Huddle Spaces & Meeting Rooms

Collaborative Technology Solutions for Huddle Spaces & Meeting Rooms

As the modern workforce grows and the environments that we work in change, collaborative technology solutions are becoming increasingly important.  

The workplace as we know it is changing; GenZ are joining the workforce, productivity is at an all-time low and a predicted 50% of UK workers will be working remotely in 2020. One of the biggest changes, however, is the colossal amount of technology that is accessible to us. Despite the availability, companies are still slow to implement the right solutions in the right places. Studies have found that only 38% of workers are satisfied with the technology at their disposal.  

Implementing the right collaborative technology solutions to foster a productive environment will not only benefit businesses but is shown to increase employee satisfaction as well. 

What is collaborative technology? 

Collaborative technologies are hardware and software that help to facilitate communication, coordination, collaboration and learning in organisations. They're designed to facilitate group work in an office and remotely. They allow teams to discuss, share and collaborate in a virtual environment.  

The core features of collaborative technology solutions include:  

  • A shared digital workspace 
  • Customisable user groups 
  • Personalised dashboards 
  • Document management 
  • Chat function or a discussion forum 
  • Third-party app integration 
  • Audio and video conferencing 

The last point is especially important as more workers expect flexible working options and as businesses operate in a more global community.  

Being able to easily video conference is beneficial on a number of levels. It means coordination is still possible even when people aren’t in the same place at the same time, travel expenditures are reduced, and access to a wider range of expertise is possible.  

How does video conferencing technology work? 

For video conferencing to work effectively and efficiently, you need to pair the right software (such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom) with technology that will be easy to set up and has good quality video and audio. Depending on your needs, you may require a camera, speaker and microphone, display screen or PC.  

Although it sounds like a lot, companies that take advantage of video conferencing technology can experience clearer communication, increased engagement and higher productivity along with the opportunity to collaborate with people across multiple locations. 

Collaborative Technology Solutions Meeting Room Video Conferencing

Why is it important in meeting rooms? 

Having the right collaborative technology solution in your meeting room is crucial. Not only for during a meeting but for before as well. On average employees spend 9 minutes at the beginning of each meeting trying to set up the technology, which can put people off using these systems to their full potential.  

However, with an easy to use system, collaborative technology means that all attendees (remote and in the room) are able to share key data via a shared workspace platform. This means that stakeholders can make informed and instant decisions, no matter where they are. It also means businesses have the potential to win clients and progress projects much more efficiently.  

On average, 15% of an organisation’s collective time is spent in meetings. This has been increasing since 2008, despite satisfaction with meetings decreasing. It’s crucial that we facilitate collaborative, engaged and decisive meetings with the right technology solutions.  

Key takeaway: Your collaborative technology solution needs to be easy to set up and to use in order to make the most of your meetings.

Collaborative Technology Solutions Huddle Spaces

Why is it necessary in huddle spaces? 

Huddle spaces are becoming increasingly popular as they encourage quick, spontaneous meetings with smaller groups of people and in less formal environments. Although there are an estimated 30 million huddle spaces worldwide, only 2% of those are video enabled 

Collaborative technology solutions are important in huddle spaces in order to increase productivity and capability in these spaces. By nature, huddle spaces are smaller than meeting or conference rooms and encourage creativity and inspiration. This is due to their informal and collaborative setup. However, huddle spaces need the technology to support this.  

With a suitable solution, remote workers are able to engage in discussion and essential data can be shared instantly. Having a seamless flow of information from individual workstations to the huddle space, which is still accessible post-meeting, is equally important in order for groups to maintain creative momentum and implement decisions made during the meeting.  

Key takeaway: As quick and effective meetings become more popular, we need the technology to keep up with this, support remote workers and to enhance engagement. 

An example of a full collaborative technology solution

One example of a full collaborative technology solution supplied by Midwich is the AMX Acendo range. The range is designed to specifically meet the needs of the future workplace and is a solution that allows for remote collaboration as well as boosting productivity. 

Most importantly, the Acendo range provides a seamless experience. It’s ready to go in seconds of turning it on, pairs well with collaborative software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, providing an easy to use, whole solution.

The Acendo Vibe is a video conferencing soundbar that sits stylishly beneath any display, captures a wide angled view of the room and connects easily to any laptop.  

The Acendo Core is a PC unit that allows you to operate without a laptop. The Core allows you to jump on and instantly start your meeting. It has screensharing capability and is a wireless solution for huddle spaces and meeting rooms.  

The Acendo Book is a scheduling panel that integrates easily with scheduling software such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar. It allows you to see if a room is free at a glance or to locate and book a room that is available directly from the panel. 

Finally, you will need a screen to display content and see remote participants. The SMQB65R is a great size for most meeting rooms and is a powerful display with clear and natural image quality. However, if you are looking for an interactive option, the Samsung Flip 2 is versatile and allows up to 4 people to write simultaneously. 

If you’d like to find out more about AMX or any of our collaborative technology solutions, please get in touch.  

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