Stewart Blandford

Mi Support Manager

08715 277044

I was part of the Focus Security Distribution technical team that joined Midwich Security in June 2015. Prior to working with Focus I was Technical Services Manager for nine years with Installation Project Services (IPS).

I have always been conscious that in today’s highly competitive marketplace, customers have a choice as to who to buy from. Technical support will though, always be a distinguishing factor and that is why I am passionate about demonstrating to our customers that if needed, we will be with them every step of the way and will not just attempt to pass them to a manufacturer. Midwich Security has a fast growing list of loyal customers. I strongly believe that is because they place a high value on the pre and post sales support services provided by myself and my colleagues. These include, help with system design, product specification and on-site commissioning, as well as training and hotline telephone support.

Whilst there will always be another distributor prepared to undercut pricing, I believe we are consistently demonstrating to our customers that any potential minor saving on the cost of hardware is far outweighed by the value of the support we provide. By this I mean that we provide assistance which can result in an installation being completed on time, or that the time that an engineer has to spend onsite investigating and repairing a fault, is minimised.