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Why choose Midwich for your EdTech needs?

The traditional classroom has rapidly evolved over recent years, with teachers and students alike needing to be able to access and leverage the latest technologies to stay engaged and relevant.

That’s where we come in! Offering a comprehensive range of solutions specifically designed for the education sector and value-added services. We aim to empower educators and institutions with the right tools and resources they need to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of modern education.

From interactive whiteboards and high-performance projectors to video conferencing and immersive simulations – Midwich has everything you need to elevate the education experience.

Education technology



Inspiring innovation, fostering engagement and aiding in knowledge retention, AV technology in classrooms creates an inclusive environment for all. Utilising technologies such as interactive displays and/or audio systems, educators can present lesson materials in a visually stimulating way that is easily heard, encouraging student participation.

Lecture Theatre

Lecture theatre

Lecture theatres have been revolutionised by technologies such as high-performance projectors, high-quality LED and LFD screens, audio solutions and lecture capture solutions. These AV technologies provide immersive visual and auditory experiences, showcasing multimedia content. Ensure every word is heard, even at the very back of the building and video record or live stream lectures – providing equality for any student body.

School Hall

School hall

Ensuring audio and visual material is visible and engaging in lively and bustling schools, AV technology allows school halls to become an asset to any education organistation and expands its usage capabilities. Use media players, projectors, audio systems and digital signage to ustilise your school hall for PE lessons, school concerts, assemblies, recorded assessments and SATS.



Providing students with a place to rejuvenate both mentally and physically during the school day, AV technologies enhance efficiency and have a major impact on the health and wellbeing of the student body. Digital signage and interactive displays make ordering and delivery of food a breeze, while audio systems empower a canteen to run in an orderly fashion and ensure any announcements are heard clearly and quickly.

Staff Room

Staff room

Not just limited to classrooms and lecture halls, AV technologies elevate the working experience for educators. From video conferencing and audio systems to digital signage and control systems; Midwich provides a wide range of AV tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of any staff room. Whether looking to connect your staff with UC&C hardware or create seamless meeting experiences with room scheduling systems – we have it all.



EdTech plays a crucial role in school receptions by enhancing communication and efficiency. Digital sign-in systems can track who enters and leaves the premises, streamlining the process and ensuring the safety of students and staff. This automaton of tasks such as attendance tracking and appointment scheduling, reduces the administrative burden on staff. Digital signage facilitates instant communication between reception, teachers and students: messages, announcements and important information are shared in real-time.



Outdoor digital signage with high visibility and environmental protection ensures announcements and important information are shared everywhere, even when students are outside. It also serves as a wayfinding tool to navigate the campus or a digital gallery. Plus, students can collaborate on group projects anywhere, giving them more freedom to work how they choose. In sports areas, live scores, game highlights and match schedules can be displayed.

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Discover the EdTech solutions with a range of innovative and efficient features to enhance the learning experience and education environment. All of which are available from Midwich alongside expert knowledge and guidance.


Explore our Midwich blogs, videos and guides that help better inform educators, resellers and systems integrators on the best EdTech out there, and how to use it.

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