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A place to discover what blended learning is, the benefits of this learning method and how technology works hand-in-hand to create enhanced future-driven learning environments.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning combines traditional teaching in a classroom, with this new style of teaching in an online classroom. It reaps all the benefits of hybrid learning, whilst empowering students to learn not only where they want to, but also when they want to.

Discover the benefits of blended learning:

  • • Increases student engagement
  • • Saves teachers’ time
  • • Sustainability-driven
  • • Analytics are available on classes
  • • Improves student attitudes and many more...

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What technology is needed for blended learning:

Education Technology (EdTech) has empowered schools and universities to embrace blended learning and reap the benefits of this learning style. Blended learning EdTech essentials combine in-class and out-of-class teaching. Blended learning breaks the ‘one-size-fits-all’ format whilst maximising the educational impact for students.

To create a blended learning environment, you’ll want to consider getting several key pieces of technology.

For the school or university classroom

For the school or university classroom:

  • • Professional video
  • • Professional audio
  • • Interactive classroom display or a projector
For the home classroom

For the home classroom:

  • • Professional video
  • • Professional audio
  • • Document solutions (printer/scanner)

How to implement blended learning:

To help you understand how to implement blended learning, we’ve put together detailed guides for both compulsory education and higher education. These guides include videos, infographics, case studies and other resources to help you create the perfect learning environment.

Re-imagine educational settings with blended learning and EdTech essentials!

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