Lee Baker

Commercial Director


01379 649361

07843 349167

Although I became a Director at Midwich in 2014, I still take an active role in managing our displays, consumer, accessories divisions, VC and Audio. When I joined Midwich in 2002 I was responsible for the Acer franchise. I then went on to lead the PC team, where we were responsible for the sales of not only Acer but also Fujitsu, Samsung and Toshiba. I then moved from sales into Business Management in 2005, where I was responsible for desktop and large format displays, a role I still have today.

Since 2005 I have moved from a Product Manager to Divisional Manager and took over our consumer electronics and accessories division. I then became the Business Manager and launched our Audio and VC divisions. As a Director, I ensure that our job is to work with the vendors on a mutual strategy to ensure we have the right stock in place and support our sales teams.

I still work with many leading suppliers such as Samsung, NEC, Philips, LG, Peerless and Bosch, to name a few.