Bride Williams

Brand Manager - iiyama LFD and iLFD

01379 649345

I started my career at Midwich in the Fast Response team in September 2013, which gave me a great introduction to the AV industry and the wide range of products Midwich supply. This unique role also gave me unique access to talk to a variety of resellers, across all sectors, understanding their bespoke business needs and developing solutions to meet those needs.

From this key sales role, I then moved on to become the dedicated Interactive Sales Specialist in 2015, where i developed the interactive profiles with Midwich Group customers and providing dedicated support. I have grown with the interactive team which now includes 3 external sales specialist, and 3 internal specialists. From this role, I have now been promoted to Senior Interactive Sales Specialist with a continued specific focus on the iiyama iLFD and LFD product groups.