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Meeting Solutions Configurator

With huddle spaces, flexible working and video conferencing all on the rise, now is the perfect time to explore the new opportunities available to your corporate customers. Explore our interactive configurator today and design your own bespoke meeting solution with all the latest AV technology. Featuring products from leading brands such as Samsung, NEC, Huddly, Barco, Shure and more.


Retail Portal

Technology is a vital factor when it comes to transforming retail spaces for the modern-day. Our newly-updated retail portal features products from several leading brands such as NEC, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Elo, iiyama, Datapath and more, separated into nine common environments. Click the button below to explore a decked out shop interior, restaurant, car park, leisure centre and more.


Higher Education Portal

Technology has become an integral part of students’ lives, and as such, universities and colleges are adapting accordingly to provide a more connected higher education environment. This interactive journey through a modern-day university environment explores new and upcoming technologies and opportunities within the education sector, highlighting powerful learning tools from a range of leading brands such as LG, Panasonic, Fujitsu, iiyama, Peerless, Epson and more.


Compulsory Education Portal

As technology begins to play a much more pivotal role in the compulsory education sector, now is the perfect time to explore the new opportunities available to your customers. Join us on this interactive journey through a modern-day school environment, highlighting powerful learning tools and transformational technology from a range of leading brands such as LG, Casio, Fujitsu, iiyama, Kyocera, OKI and more.


Venue AV Technology Portal

Technology plays a key role in live venue environments, from sports stadiums and theatres, to cinemas and religious temples. Specialist companies within the Midwich Group are able to supply products and services to fulfil the whole remit of audio, video, lighting, display and control requirements for venue installations. We have the transformational technology and market opportunities to help get you started.

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Philips Town Interactive Portal

You've just stepped out onto the train station platform, after purchasing a one-way ticket to Philips Town, our interactive city environment. There's plenty to see... experience cutting-edge AV and interactive technology across multiple sectors, from hotels to hospitals, retail and more. To begin exploring, just use your directional keys or mousewheel to walk around.

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Public Sector LookBook

Technology is a key enabler of the redesign and transformation of the UK public sector, facilitating a more streamlined approach to tackling processes and meeting rising user demand. Now is the perfect time to explore the new opportunities available to your customers – join us on an interactive journey through several modern-day public sector environments, highlighting the technological solutions that can help transform these workspaces.


Gaming Guide

Gaming is big business, with new consoles and games being released all the time. Nowadays, gamers expect display and audio solutions to provide a highly immersive experience, enabling them to really get the most out of their new titles. Explore our gaming portal to discover our good, better and best product recommendations to enhance your customers’ gaming enjoyment.