Midwich's technology specialist qualifies as an on-call firefighter during COVID-19

For as long as Daniel Rogers can remember, being a part of the emergency services has always been an ambition of his - with the support of Midwich, he's now successfully qualified as an on-call firefighter and will split his time between emergency call-outs for the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Team and supporting Midwich customers with their specialist technology requirements! 
We caught up with him to find out more. 

Name – Daniel Rogers

Job role – technology specialist

Date you started at Midwich – September 2016

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Q Please tell us how you have been giving your time during COVID-19?

A: I’ve always wanted to become a firefighter since I was a young lad, so I applied at my local fire station In Diss to become an on-call firefighter. I passed all my training during May and June and I'm now proud to be a part of the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Team. 

This means, I can get called at any time, whether that’s during my working day as a technology specialist with Midwich or in my own free time. I can be supporting a customer with all their technology requirements one second and ten minutes later, be in a fire engine attending an emergency call!       

I’m very thankful for Midwich for allowing me the time that I needed to attend the 2-week initial training and the flexibility to literally drop everything and attend emergency call outs. I have a great team of technology specialists who have been really supportive, I can’t thank them enough.   

Q: Why did you choose to volunteer your time?

A: I wanted to support my community on the front line and help to look after people in their real-time of need.

Being an on-call firefighter gives me a massive sense of pride. 

Q: How many hours have you volunteered, to date?

A: The initial training involved 75 hours over 2 weeks and I’m also required to attend drill nights for 2.5 hours, every week. I’m also on standby for whatever emergency calls come in.

A firefighter on the on-call duty system provides cover as and when required to respond to fire and emergency calls using the same appliances and equipment as whole time firefighters.  The difference is that on-call firefighters are available in their homes or workplaces rather than at a fire station.  

Q: Please provide a website link to the organisation... 

For more information please visit the Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service website.  

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