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If 2020 taught us anything it is that with the right collaboration tools, teams don't need to be in the same room to work together.

Whilst most of the nation are anticipating the end of the pandemic, meetings may not look so different in a post-pandemic office. Hybrid meetings with the right technology have enabled collaboration whilst lowering costs, improving CSR and offering wider flexibility.

Pre-pandemic hybrid meetings were notorious for disrupting workflow, with meeting spaces filled with technology that didn't speak to each other. If there is one positive thing to come out of the pandemic, it is a highlighted importance in a UC&C strategy that enables hybrid and fully virtual meetings.

Communications and Collaboration UC&C Technology

One of the most important factors when upgrading your meeting space technology is compatibility.

Gone are the days of cameras not talking to your UC platform and IT technicians being called into every meeting to connect the meeting room technology together. In the next six months, businesses plan to invest 31% of their UC&C budgets into collaboration hardware. Despite the pandemic causing financial strains across every industry, 34% of businesses plan to increase their UC&C budgets.

Huddly technology works in partnership with other meeting room tech so that distances and distractions disappear.

“We are delighted to have signed a global distribution agreement with Huddly, which is aligned with the Group’s ongoing focus on delivering UC&C solutions… We are also excited to see Huddly working with other key manufactures in our UC&C portfolio to provide a collaborative meeting room and home working solutions to our channel partners.” - Stuart Mizon, Commercial Director, Midwich Group.

Regardless of your UC platform, Huddly will power your meetings, with easy-to-use technology that seamlessly works with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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 Huddly IQ

The award-winning Huddly IQ camera delivers a 150° wide-angle video like none other. Ground-breaking, AI capabilities are installed in the camera to ensure that everyone in the room is both seen and heard. The software, Genius Framing, detects when someone is in its field of view and smoothly zooms in to frame them in the centre, removing dead space. This framing is seamless, and fluid so meeting participants don’t notice jarring cuts from the camera zooming in and out.

Whilst most meetings have a fixed number of participants, the Huddly IQ is smart enough to frame and re-frame when people drop in and drop out of meetings.

Designed for smaller meeting spaces and huddle rooms, the Huddly IQ makes you look sharp and professional, with the option to also combine the HD ultra-wide-angle video with a high-quality 50-element microphone array.

It is not just meeting spaces that benefit from the Huddly IQ, the camera is compact enough to easily be mounted on top of a laptop or monitor screen. This smart camera transforms pixelated built-in cameras and low-quality microphones, delivering a conference experience from wherever you work. 

Huddly GO


Huddly cameras are easy to use and deliver a straight out of the box solution. Since launching in 2013, Huddly has focused on creating tools that enable collaborating with teammates over video. Meeting room cameras are typically fixed to the meeting space they are installed in and require extra cables and remote control, whereas the Huddly Go offers professional meetings with simplicity.

Flexibility will be one of the most important working factors in the post-pandemic world, with a rise in hybrid working and desk sharing. Staff will need the flexibility to move their meetings with their workspace, whether they are in the office, at home or hot-desking elsewhere.

Both the Huddly GO and Huddly IQ come with a travel kit that allows you to host high-quality video meetings, anywhere. No matter where you set up your meetings, the 150° wide-angle camera captures everyone and de-warps the image rendering a natural, true-life view, whether in a huddle room or a conference suite.

The cameras 180° Auto-Flip means that the camera automatically provides the correct view no matter how the user has mounted it in the room. 


Whilst a company can invest, time, money and resources upskilling an entire workforce on how to use the latest technology, it is far easier to invest in technology that is easy-to-use. Huddly Canvas streamlines bringing whiteboards into video meetings. This camera with built-in AI updates the whiteboard image in real-time, whilst removing gloss and shadows from the board and hides people standing in front of the whiteboard.

Users are familiar with how to use whiteboards; they are the original collaboration tool. Meetings can kick off straight away, with users diving in rather than waiting for displays to power up. Every team member can be a part of the collaboration experience.

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