Who has scanning solutions for Public Sector nailed?

Well it's Fujitsu of course. You're not surprised are you? They're the UK's biggest scanning brand and a major global brand with over 50 years of credibility and have a great reputation within the public sector arena. With customers in education, healthcare and local government facing increasingly public demand for instant access to information, the benefits of document digitalisation has never been more relevant. 

GDPR compliance

One of the biggest regulatory change in the last 20 years is the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Superseding national laws such as the UK Data Protection Act, it affects any organisation which processes personal data. In less than a year, all companies need to be compliant or run the risk of facing fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover or £20 Million - whichever is greater.With new requirements for rights to access data, data erasure, portability and more, GDPR means that the capture, handling and housekeeping of personal data needs to be water-tight. This is where Fujitsu scanners can help.

Document digitalisation benefits for education customers

Law compliance

It's not only the current Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act and Safeguarding Laws (and approaching GDPR) that require schools to be on top of their game when it comes to data storage and retrieval. Paper-based systems take up office space, hinder admin staff efficiency and back-up copies may not even exist. Fujitsu document scanners can provide effective and efficient solutions for village primary schools through to university campuses. View our range of desktop Fujitsu scanners suitable for school offices.

Recording student progress

Fujitsu document scanners are also being used within schools to help capture evidence of students' work and progress through the various key stages too. This white paper by NAACE in 2017 illustrates how Fujitsu document scanners could streamline the process. The A8 to A3 overhead Scansnap SV600 model is just one model popular with schools, coping with both delicate documents and the scanning of art work to ensure a complete digital trail of student progress.

This video demonstrates the benefits Fujitsu's scanners can bring educations customers.

Facilitating better patient care for healthcare customers

More than ever before, the UK's healthcare industry is under scrutiny. Reducing budgets and staffing levels place even greater pressure on organisations and forces them to look at streamlining processes and saving costs. 

Irrespective of GDPR, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's vision is for the NHS to better utilise technologies in the coming years to address changing demands and to replace outdated processes. This video shows the immediate benefits digitalisation can bring.


Why Fujitsu?

Many of Fujitsu scanners are already certified and meet existing healthcare guidelines with all devices compliant with the EN60601-1-2 regulations which cover the use of technology in healthcare environments and electromagnetic capability. This John Radcliffe Hospital case study demonstrates how Fujitsu digitised large A3 Flow-Charts by using the predecessor of the fi-6750S, to help capture patient data.

Take a look at the positive benefits Fujitsu ScanSnap can make to patient outcomes. 

View our range of Fujitsu ScanSnap models which are ideal for GP surgeries.

You can find out more about Fujitsu in the healthcare market - by registering to view their "Positioning Capture in the Healthcare Market" webinar.

Providing transparency for government sector customers

Fujitsu collaborate with over 50 government organisations and more than 8000 SMEs across the UK. They assist government organisations with host of high volume admin duties including;

  • the processing of over 9 million self-assessment tax returns
  • management of over 44 million UK driver records and 36 million vehicle records per year
  • the distribution of child benefit payments to over 6.9 million UK families
  • processing 2.8 million passports every year

Northampton Borough Council

Fujitsu Scansnap scanners quickly bring benefits across the business in the form of enhanced information security, faster access to records and informationand of course, notable ROI for customers. Northampton Borough Councilbenefited by choosing the compact and reliable predecessor to the fi-7460 for fast digitalisation of freedom of information (FOI) requests. Dave Taylor, Senior Information Governance Office for NBC explained..

“100% of all requests are now indexed and archived electronically...It's not just the removal of the manual file management processes or the ability to access the files wherever we are. It's the all-round capability to manage the whole response process from request to disclosure and beyond from one system. The scanner is integral to the whole solution enabling all documents to be digitised, reviewed, redacted, compiled and released electronically… We now respond to almost 95% of all requests electronically compared to approximately 55% two years ago”.

We have a great range of Fujitsu scanners suitable for government offices.

A3 scanners

Fujitsu are also seeing an increase in the sale of A3 scanners into the Public Sector following the changes in the Individual Electoral Registration (IER) system, brought in during 2014. Many local and nationwide offices are realising that they need models with A3 capability to capture larger registration forms.




Expert knowledge and advice

Our experience scanning specialists Craig Morrison and Emma Filmer are on hand to talk and meet with you about which Fujitsu scanner models are best suited to your Public Sector customers' needs. Getting ready for GDPR compliance is crucial and our team can help you initiate discussions on this. 

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