Samsung Flip: How Could It Benefit Your Meeting Room Or Classroom?

Interactive displays have transformed simple touch-screen applications into smart learning and endlessly collaborative tools. With the Samsung Flip range, teachers and business owners alike can bring inspiration to life using innovative features and convenient connectivity.


What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Displays In The Classroom?

Interactive displays are an exciting addition to the classroom, taking learning to the next level whether it’s face-to-face or remote. From fun and engaging lessons in early education to impactful lectures and seminars in higher education, interactive displays have the power to enhance both the teaching and learning experience.

For teachers, interactive displays allow them to focus on creating engaging content rather than delivering it. It also means that content can be adapted and updated in real-time, so it won’t affect the quality of the lesson. Plus, students can receive immediate feedback in the lesson which accelerates their rate of learning. It often forces many teachers to adapt their classroom too, by changing the seating plan from rows to tables, providing more space for collaboration with classmates.

There are many different types of learners in the classroom - auditory, visual, verbal, solitary, social, logical or kinesthetic. Interactive displays can be used to adapt to the needs of learners, bridging the gap by focusing on delivering the most engaging educational materials. For example, shy students who may not like contributing to class by speaking can still feel part of the discussion by drawing or writing on the display. Or teachers can save the notes written on the screen and send them to students that learn best from reading afterwards.

Furthermore, interactive displays encourage blended learning, whereby teachers can provide students with learning materials and projects ahead of lessons. Students can then create their own content such as presentations, videos, diagrams or quizzes to share with the class. Not only does this provide more time in class for an in-depth discussion of a topic, but it also creates a shared collaborative experience that can improve confidence, teamwork and engagement.

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Finally, interactive displays like the Samsung Flip range are Ultra High-Resolution, bright and crystal clear so students can feel more engaged than ever. Creating a higher level of enjoyment and focus in the classroom can transform the learning experience and significantly benefit students.


What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Displays In Meeting Rooms?

Interactive displays have become essential in modern meeting rooms because they promote collaboration and increase productivity. By utilising the familiar technology found on smartphones and tablets and bringing it to the meeting room, it provides a seamless experience for all participants.

A further huge benefit is the type of meeting and presentation that interactive displays enable. Rather than having one person present at the front of the room, colleagues can engage too by annotating in real-time and collectively share ideas, promoting collaboration over observation. Users can update the presentation in real-time and don’t need to wait until afterwards to action the discussion or rely on note-taking. Users can also share digital notes afterwards so even if some members can’t physically attend the meeting, they can use comprehensive notes.

Interactive displays have the ability to revolutionize different types of business. For example, fashion designers can edit designs together in real-time and architects can present multiple drawings and documents rather than share sheets of paper over the desk.


Why Choose The Samsung Flip Range?

The Samsung Flip range are easy-to-use digital displays that offer enhanced collaboration capabilities for classroom or corporate needs. They have a diverse array of interactive features that combine a traditional flip chart and cutting-edge technology.

Samsung Flip

Many innovative features of the Flip enhance the meeting room experience. Feeling comfortable whether it’s a lengthy presentation or a quick discussion without the need to take written notes, will allow users to immerse themselves in the task at hand. Take, for example, Flip Touch, which enables four different users to make notes and annotate the presentation in real-time. Additionally, users can sync and control content from their personal devices to the main display.

The Flip also transforms your traditional meeting presentation into a creative hub. Users can introduce charts, important files and images to the display to be annotated and shared, promoting efficient collaboration. For creative needs, the Flip unleashes visual storytelling where users can customise their display with text styles, colours and sizes to brainstorm creative new ideas.

Alongside high-quality clear UHD picture and sensor recognition to get your meeting started without delay, it also makes connecting from anywhere easy with dedicated USB, note PC, tablet and mobile devices ports readily available.

Samsung Flip 2

The Samsung Flip 2 goes even further, allowing students and corporate teams to keep up with fast-paced and digital-centric environments. Designed as a 55” or 65” interactive touchscreen display, the versatile and portable digital flipchart drives collaboration and expands presentation capabilities.

Ideal for creatives and students, the Flip 2 provides a pen-to-paper like writing experience for up to 4 people, facilitating drawing, writing and brainstorming captivating new ideas. With Brush Mode, artists can also create vibrant water or oil paintings at the stroke of a brush. Also, images can be cropped, captured and edited with ease so working with multiple images is flexible and fluid.

The Flip 2 facilitate corporate teams and student collaboration. Users can sync their personal devices and instantly distribute meeting notes. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to share content. Now with the Airplay feature, you can cast video and audio from your Apple devices to your Samsung display using Wi-Fi. Multiple attendees could raise some security concerns, especially when covering sensitive and confidential information. The Flip combats this risk by storing all of your meeting pages in a password-protected system.

Designed to meet interactive display demands in multiple environments such as corporate, education, product and fashion design, retail and more, it allows users to share their ideas digitally and collaborate efficiently.

Samsung Flip 3

The Samsung Flip 3 is the latest interactive display in the range, specifically designed to transform the classroom. With more software and connectivity options, and advanced touchscreen technology, teachers can create engaging lessons that guarantee student participation and full attention.

It performs exactly the same as the previous flips, except a few features have been added to increase student engagement and create a safer experience in the classroom. Intuitive usability has been upgraded to allow 20 inputs at once for sketching ideas, drawing at 34ms of latency or painting with 2,048 points of pressure built directly into the display. Any object can be used as a stylus to bring ideas to life and the Flip can distinguish between thick or thin objects to simulate on-screen writing and highlighting.

Additionally, the Flip 3 has 20% more memory for faster and more reliable performances. Similarly to the rest of the Flip range, it has multiple connectivity options including USB, HDMI, DP and OPS, as well as wireless sharing. With Smartview+, accessibility isn’t an issue as 4 devices can be shared simultaneously to the display, and it supports all major platforms including iOS, MAC, Windows, Android and Google.

Safety has also been enhanced with antimicrobial coating and shatterproof protection. These added features allow teachers, students and parents to stay focused in the classroom with peace of mind.

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