Panasonic E & V Series: Going above and beyond...

…But why do Panasonic’s E & V series projectors fit the bill so well? What is it about them that means they tick so many boxes? Going above and beyond what customers expect from their corporate or education projectors.

For years, Panasonic have manufactured award-winning LCD and DLP projectors. From portable units to full commercial grade projectors, Panasonic have been a leading brand in the projection market since as early as the 1990s.

In fact, Panasonic are currently the second largest projection manufacturer by value in UK, and number 1 for projection over 5000 Lumens (based on Futuresource data for 2016).

Innovative and cost-effective – with an option for almost every environment - Panasonic continue to go from strength to strength, building their market share to an impressive 16% (based on Futuresource data for 2016).

The much-celebrated E & V series projectors are one of Panasonic’s biggest successes. These projectors, are suitable for the majority of corporate and education environments and offer a ‘staple diet’ within the projection market.

However, that is not it! With outstanding basic performance, total cost of ownership (TCO) efficiency and advanced connectivity - these portable semi-install units are amongst some of the most versatile and dependable projectors around.

View our whitepaper to discover the key features of these popular projectors and how these translate into unique benefits for such a wide customer base.

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