NEC InfinityBoard: A single solution with many options

NEC InfinityBoard - Features and Benefits

In this video, Mark Taylor from NEC discusses the various features and benefits that make the NEC InfinityBoard a must-have for any office or corporate environment.

Interview with Mark Taylor

This interview originally appeared in the June/July ’18 AV Magazine edition: ‘AV in Collaboration’. Lindsey Reynolds reports.

Good collaboration products anticipate what the user needs without dictating how they work, explains Mark Taylor, Display Solutions Manager at NEC, and InfinityBoard certainly fits the bill. InfinityBoard is an all-in-one collaboration solution combining touch display, camera, mic, speakers and software into one device — all best-in-class technology.


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NEC's 4K UHD displays are well recognised for quality and reliability in the AV world and here they're using lnGlass touch technology from touch technology innovator FlatFrog to provide high-quality image reproduction with a highly responsive writing experience that feels as natural as writing on paper. The speakers are manufactured jointly by NEC and SEAS, an audio specialist recognised for its quality of sound reproduction. "We've returned to classic manufacturing," Taylor says, "building the speaker housing from MDF to give good quality of sound." The video conferencing (VC) camera is from Huddly, a Norwegian company that is making a name for itself with VC cameras that deliver superior image quality from a small form factor. The toolkit provided with InfinityBoard includes Mosaic from Displaynote, which enables meeting participants to share and edit content from their own devices and whiteboard, regardless of whether they are in the room or in another location anywhere in the world, wirelessly. Also included is a 14-day trial of Hoylu collaboration software, which gives users an unlimited digital canvas for digital brainstorming and ideation.

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Open and flexible

"We provide the software to inspire our users and help them get started," Taylor explains. "We're not limiting their choice in any way; quite the opposite. Users are free to use any VC platform of their choice, such as Gotomeeting, Zoom or Skype for Business." Indeed, they can integrate with their choice of software and OS. InfinityBoard is fully configurable because of the OPS plug-in PC. IT departments can customise it and configure it to any environment and security requirements. "We can ship the OPS to IT first then send the board when they're happy, which IT departments love," Taylor says. "The OPS can also be easily upgraded at any time, future proofing their investment." InfinityBoard is more than a sum of its parts. It has the convenience of an all-in-one device with all functionality integrated under a single warranty but with the open flexibility to be tailored to each organisation. It is available now from selected partners.


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