Mobile Printers for a Mobile World

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast accelerated the idea of flexible working and hybrid working environments, that take advantage of the latest software and technological advancements, such as a rise in the use of mobile printers.

Previously dominated by the freelance industry, remote working has quickly become the norm for working professionals worldwide. This includes those who have, before Covid-19, been used to working permanently in the office and are now spending some, if not all their working week from home.

The pandemic may have restricted our movement, but it hasn’t slowed business down. Quite the contrary in fact, as many businesses have been fortunate enough to have had access to the right tools to form effective hybrid working environments. Once national restrictions begin to ease, many businesses will be adopting the hybrid working model and allowing their employees to work from home at least one day a week, to improve staff performance and boost employee morale.

Despite the pandemic having an initial strain on many businesses and impacting business performance it has, in fact, altered the perspective of many about the possibility of a working from home balance. It has also encouraged many of us to take advantage of the latest digital trends for a more flexible and mobile world. The use of mobile printers is just one of these initiatives that has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, with many businesses taking advantage of their many capabilities and features.

Mobile printers for hybrid working

Most companies have already reaped the benefits of adopting a remote working policy for their employees, which has consequently led to a boost in employee morale and reduced staff turnover. Together, the employers and their staff have proved that productivity and a better work-life balance is achievable. Increased productivity and employee satisfaction is now driving the shift towards hybrid working.

More so than ever, organisations are looking for new ways to access information from home. This is where mobile printers come in, as they have been shown to offer a viable solution to those wanting to access a printer remotely. Employees need to be able to find the documents and data they need when they need it. A mobile printer accommodates this need simply by allowing you to print all your important documents from home using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device that has a stable internet connection.    

Agile businesses need an all-round hybrid print solution that works at home and in the office, to ensure employees can operate efficiently from anywhere in the world. Adopting the use of a mobile printer is one of many solutions to help improve access to printing without having to leave the house. Mobile printers can be the solution that businesses are looking for. Easy and quick to use, portable devices can be transported from the office to home like any other digital device.

Benefits of portable devices

Using mobile printers can bring a variety of benefits to a corporate environment. They are space saving, compact and light, but still rugged enough to meet the increasing needs of today’s demanding mobile working environment. Mobility and flexibility are two of the key factors that influence employees’ requirements to deliver quality work.

“Agility in business goals, finance and even marketing is key for any business at this time” - Chris Neto, AV Professional

With portable devices, companies can increase productivity levels with technology that is highly cost-effective. Mobile printers can also add value to field-based workers in virtually any sector. The ability to leave behind printed additional information, supporting details or advice can help improve customer loyalty, overall experience, satisfaction rates.

Key industries for mobile printers

Some industries are highly dependent on paper, including healthcare, legal, and real estate. These industries are known to have “mobile” employees, not bound to their desk or a location. Having the ability to print from their mobile device on the spot, can be of great service to their clients.

Mobile printers are especially handy for field sales staff such as company representatives, merchandisers, financial advisers, mortgage brokers and other professionals encountering customers face to face. Increasing customer satisfaction results in more sales and consequently in bigger profits.

Healthcare sector benefits greatly using portable devices. Visiting medical professionals like carers and midwives can print notes, treatment advice, care reports, etc on the spot, supporting the most vulnerable and in need. The right information in healthcare is crucial; the ability to leave relevant medical recommendations not only improves medical professional’s quality of work but also recipient’s recovery. Other organisations that benefit from mobile printers are emergency services – police, firefighters, and logistic and transport companies.

Driving digital transformation

Digital technology is transforming the workplace and affecting business strategies by improving people’s productivity, efficiency, and reducing operation costs. While technology companies are offering digital solutions with integrated artificial intelligence, many businesses around the world are driving digital transformation forward with implementation and constant demand.

Our future will be paperless. Companies that introduce digital copies rather than paper are the ones leading the paperless revolution. Digitisation contributes greatly to keeping your sustainability efforts, reducing waste and company’s carbon footprint. Despite the bad press, document solutions companies are working hard to provide the most eco-friendly options

Organisations that simplify and automate their document solutions will be able to transform their business processes and explore the value of the information currently cloistered in their paper records.

Advancing technology

With an increase in mobile workforces comes an increase in demand for portable technology.

“Employees have experienced the benefits of remote working and can see the advantages of hybrid working; however, longevity of remote working can only be facilitated by agile working technology levelling up.” - Jenny Hicks, Head of Technology at Midwich

Printers are decreasing in size without sacrificing quality or security. Mobile printers, the smallest of all printers, are secure and easy to use – fully integrated with Air Print, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a variety of brand and third-party apps.


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