LG displays: Does bigger mean better?

With a huge number of LG displays – both large and small – available from the Midwich store we know that it’s not the size of display that matters, but how you use it. Join us as we take a look at the benefits of SFD and LFDs and how they can be used to their full potential.


Measuring 32” to 98” the LG suite of large format displays make a big impact wherever they’re installed.

Using the latest LED and LCD display technology, they produce high quality, fine details and vibrant colours every time. Plus, with innovative transflective technology, so they're even visible in bright light.

As a result, they’re ideal for use in transport, education and corporate environments as signage.

But that's not all: They can also be used to great effect as part of a videowall – encouraging customers to spend money with engaging and inspiring footage.

Our customers love: 55VH7B



Although these screens are small format, they make a big splash. Featuring IPS LED technology, measuring 17” to 30” – and with ultra-wide models available – LG screens will change the way your customers think of monitors.

And because they’re such high quality, they can be used everywhere from corporate offices and homes to trading floors and medical suites.

Our customers love: 29UM68


Want to find the best fit for your customers? Call our LG specialist Arvin Mohabeer on 01379 649337 to find out more about LG’s full range of large and small format displays.