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JBL’s professional speaker range is impressively versatile, offering large and small solutions for any indoor or outdoor scenario that you can think of.

In a new AV Essentials series, Matt Watt from Sound Technology LTD has taken the time to explore some of JBL’s standout speakers by introducing us to the products, offering recommended use-cases and also giving his tips on how to make the most of the impressive features and benefits from JBL’s professional speaker range.

JBL Control Contractor 23/25/28 Surface-Mount Speakers

The JBL Control 23/25/28 are true multipurpose on-wall speakers for any type of installation.

JBL Control 23-1

The JBL Control 23-1 is an excellent starting speaker if you’re looking for a high-quality sounding and ultra-compact solution for indoor or outdoor use. It’s ideally suited for background music and paging applications. Because of its size and versatile wall mounting options, its perfect for areas such as receptions, foyers, cafes or small retail environments.

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JBL Control 23-1 (black)
JBL Control 23-1 (white)

JBL Control 25-1

The JBL control 25-1 delivers clear and high-quality audio, so is a great speaker for playing music. It offers more bass than the JBL Control 23-1 which makes it a good choice for health clubs, leisure centres, theme parks or hospitality venues.

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JBL Control 25-1 (black)
JBL Control 25-1 (white)

JBL Control 28-1

The JBL Control 28-1 has extra low end so if you’re in a scenario where a subwoofer isn’t feasible or if you’re in a larger room then this is a great fit.

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JBL Control 28-1 (black)
JBL Control 28-1 (white)

JBL Control Contractor 52 and Control Contractor 50 Sub/Satellite Speakers

The JBL Professional Control 52 satellite speakers and Control 50 sub-woofer offers a brilliantly discrete way of providing full-range audio within a space.

This combo of subwoofer and satellite speakers offer a useful solution for big, distributed spaces such as in areas with multiple rooms. The JBL Control 52 and Control 50 sub/satellite speakers are sold separately or are available as a pack and can also be combined with JBL's sonically matched small-format in-ceiling Control 42 or pendant Control 62 options.

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JBL Control 50 (black)
JBL Control 50 (white)
JBL Control 50 and 4x Control 52 pack (white)
JBL Control 50 and 4x Control 52 pack (black)

JBL Control Contractor 60 Series Pendant Loudspeakers

The JBL Control 60 Series are high-performance pendant loudspeakers for install applications involving open or high ceilings such as hospitality venues, corporate and public spaces, warehouse spaces and more.

JBL Control 60PS/T

This high-impact pendant subwoofer features built-in passive crossover for up to four satellite loudspeakers. For example, you can mix and match between the Control 62P (see below), and the Control 42C Satellite Ceiling Speakers and the Control 52 Surface Mount Speakers.

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JBL Control 60PS/T

JBL Control 62P

The control 62P is a ultra-compact mid-high satellite pendant speaker. It’s great for speech and mid-high music applications.

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Control 62P (black)
Control 62P (white)

JBL Control 64P/T

The Control 64P/T is a compact full-range, pendant-type loudspeaker that provides superb sound reproduction for rooms with open architecture ceilings and other locations where a pendant form factor is desired.

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Control 64P/T (black)
Control 64P/T (white)

JBL Control 65P/T

Going from the Control 64 to the Control 65 is quite a big step because this unit has JBL’s exclusive RBI (Radiation Boundary Integration) technology to provide very consistent, wide coverage throughout the listening space.

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Control 65P/T (black)
Control 65P/T (white)

JBL Control 67P/T

Control 67P/T incorporates a large enclosure and highpower 6.5” (165 mm) transducer for extended bass and high-fidelity performance. The extra-large RBI (Radiation Boundary Integrator) provides outstanding pattern control, which can allow fewer speakers to cover a venue.

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Control 67P/T (black)
Control 67P/T (white)

JBL Control 67HC/T

Control 67HC’s well-controlled narrow coverage is ideal for improved voice intelligibility and musical clarity in high-ceiling venues or in rooms with difficult acoustics, such as convention centers, transit centers, exhibit venues and hotel atrium areas.

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Control 67HC/T (black)
Control 67HC/T (white)

Find out more by reading our blog on the JBL Control Contractor 60 Series Pendant Speaker range.

JBL LCT81C/TM Ceiling Tile Speaker

The JBL LCT81C/TM ceiling tile speaker is a perfect solution for adding a speaker to a standard ceiling grid.

The LCT 81C/TM is designed for quick deployment in any scenario where you have an existing grid of ceiling tiles. It’s tuned towards speech intelligibility so it’s great for speech applications such as in education or corporate spaces.

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Further Information

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