JBL Control 60 Pendant Speaker range

Installing speakers into challenging environments is true art. Vaulted ceilings, glass walls, open architecture; every environment needs its own unique approach to maintain even coverage and maximise the sound quality. For every type of space, JBL produces a problem-solving speaker. The Control Contractor series, in particular, offer an incredibly wide range of speakers designed for any installer to get the most out of a room whilst remaining sympathetic to the room’s aesthetic and application.

Pendant speakers are primarily used in environments with high or open ceilings, where it would not be efficient or possible to use a standard ceiling speaker. These environments can include retail stores, public buildings, transport hubs, warehouse units and restaurants. JBL’s Pendants can be easily combined with JBL in-ceiling speakers for spaces featuring both low and high ceilings with identical sound quality and even coverage.

JBL's pendant speaker range, known as the Control 60 Series, is a great all-rounder for many applications. All feature JBL designed drivers, consistent coverage, and main/redundant adjustable suspension mounting. 

The Control 60 series range can be mixed-and-matched to achieve the best possible coverage. It is a great choice for paging/public address, speech, background music  - and thanks to a subwoofer option, even high impact foreground music.

The range consists of 6 different models: the Control 62P, 64P/T, 65P/T, 67P/T, 67HC/T (with a  narrower coverage pattern for very high ceilings), and 60P/S (subwoofer). Midwich can help you choose the right version for your environment and select a speaker the will help maximise the available space in the environment. 

The Control 60 range can be deployed as a large distributed system, with the Control 62 being a 16 Ohm cabinet and the rest of the range having the option to run low impedance or 100V/70V system with tap settings up to 60W and 100W on the pendant subwoofer.

JBL Control Contractor 60 Series Pendant loudspeakers bring renowned JBL sound and outstanding coverage to rooms with difficult acoustics and a particular aesthetic.  Combined with the easy-to-install hanging hardware features and redundant suspension cables with UL listed adjustable-height hangers and it is no surprise that these speakers are a popular choice among installers. 

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The JBL Control 60 Series is available to hear at our offices in Hertfordshire and soon at our Innovation House Experience Centre in Bracknell.