The Solutions Catalogue

The exceptional rate of growth within the IT and AV industry is presenting remarkable technical opportunities and possibilities for customers. However, this technical evolution does bring with it ever-increasing complexity of projects; this catalogue is your one-stop-shop, providing advice, essential tools and all of the components to support you and your customers in their project, from the ground up.

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Project Management

Whichever one of our key areas you are working in, video and control, broadcast, audio, security or something more unique, we’re on hand to help manage your projects. Work with us on making key decisions, update stakeholders, issuing regular reports and benchmarking against budgets, schedules and scope. View our example documents below:

Project Beta Project Delta

Demonstration & Support

Our job is to find the right solution for you. As your trusted advisor we can assist you with design, supply, on-site demos and end user meetings. Our account managers and specialists are on hand to take on your challenges, whatever they may be, find the solutions and get the results you need.

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Events and Expertise

We’re always working on new events for customers, bringing the latest products and technology expertise, educational experiences and networking opportunities to a city near you. Keep an eye on our events list and register for an opportunity to meet the team.

Contact us for more information on being a part of our events, or to work with our team and organise your own.

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