Imagine an AV World with Effortless Video Processing…

We know how it can be; you want to process your cutting-edge visuals, professionally, with hassle-free technology. What you have is a complicated converter with limited features, unable to display your video at its very best.

Now, picture an AV world with a processor that answers all of your prayers. Visualise a video converter with an all-in-one solution for any conversion. Analog Way have turned that dream into a reality.

Yes, really.

Analog Way have produced the Ultimate Video processing Tool Kit.

Analog Way are leading in high performance scaling and video processing, and this particular product boasts a multi-functional conversion solution, able to meet all of your processing needs. 
There’s also a graphic interface and option card opportunities; to name just a few of the features. The processor perfect for use in a variety of AV trade markets including corporate environments, events, education, broadcast and large-scale presentations and performances.

The VIO 4K recently became an integral part of the Biathlon World Championships, transmitting live content of the tournament’s Snow Sports to thousands of fans and spectators in Norway, with Mediatec Solutions.

Jostein Hamre, Video Technician at Mediatec Solutions explains why the VIO 4K was the only processor for this high-profile event. “The front panel is really easy to use and the possibility to monitor input signals in the front panel screen is an important feature. Also, all of the LED related features, like moving test patterns are great. These features are tools that make our job easier and are just some of the reasons why we are very happy with our choice.”

So, we know it works for the sports industry and extreme, external venues; Here’s 5 ways this processor is going to make YOUR AV world a better place…

1. The gift of time.

The VIO 4K is has a multi-format feature, meaning this is your one-stop-shop when it comes to scaling and processing video. With ultra-fast switching between inputs, and the promise of ‘anything in’ and ‘anything out’, there’s no need to switch between devices.

2. Easy-to-use.

Minimum skills are required! This means that use is not restricted to technical experts; and your businesses will benefit from its easy-to-use features.

It’s simple to get the best from your converter with its logical, clear front panel, visual control interface. It’s likened to a screen mirroring that of our everyday technology such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

If your team can use these common devices, they can use the VIO 4K. There are also straightforward guides available from Analog Way, tailored to your converter.

3. Innovative features.

With innovative features for LED wall applications, including output rotation and area of interest management; you can display different element of the same video on a variety of screens. This enables the viewer to focus on the key features of your video.

4. Flexibility.

The processor offers a variety of specification options. This provides your business with the flexibility to only pay for the Inputs, Outputs and Optional Boards that you need.

You may wish to scale to large displays or simply to monitors, or for broadcasting or streaming. You can tailor your processor to your business and choose up to 9 inputs and 3 outputs.

5. Ahead-of-the-curve.

The processor is the first ever true 4K60Hz multi-format converter, so your business will be way ahead-of-the-curve.

This means 4K resolution at 60Hz at 4:4:4 with 10 bits sampling (many scalers offer just 30Hz or 4:2:0 sampling). With this support, you can enjoy an incredible level of detail within the images. Anything maintaining 10-bit precision, post-processing will result in much better visual quality for your end product.

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