How the ROOMZ Analytics Tool optimises hybrid working

The way we work has changed dramatically. It is no longer a place we go but a thing we do. The office can now be anywhere you can take a laptop and has an internet connection.

This means employees can take a hybrid approach to work, splitting their time between the workplace and remote working. No longer being tied to the office, employees now benefit from a better work-life balance.

With businesses moving away from the one-size fits all approach, it is common to see empty desks in modern office spaces. With employees around the globe only occupying their desks 60% of the time, it is beneficial for businesses to rethink their office spaces to be more cost-efficient and responsive to workers’ needs.

Businesses are adopting various approaches that allow for greater flexibility in which a worker can do their job in a workplace designed to meet their needs. Examples of these are agile working and activity-based working models.

With the changing needs of businesses and their employees, ROOMZ offers a range of solutions and rises to the challenge of maintaining workplace efficiency.  


What are ROOMZ meeting space solutions? 

ROOMZ offers a range of tools that make it easy to optimise the workspace for modern challenges. With ROOMZ, you can accurately see how space is used, book meeting rooms with ease and gain valuable insights as to how to have a more cost-efficient workspace.

It’s a sad reality that sometimes meeting rooms are booked… but no one shows up. If a ‘ghost meeting’ does occur, the ROOMZ sensor range detects that no one is present and automatically releases the room for someone else to use. They gather data about how frequently meeting rooms and desks are used to give valuable insights on how best to make more cost-effective use of your spaces.

The ROOMZ Displays boast quick and easy installation and are synced to existing calendar applications such as Outlook or Google Calendar. The power to flexibly book and manage meeting rooms instantly from a smartphone calendar app is now in the hands of anyone in the business. Any bookings made in Outlook or Google Calendar will appear on the ROOMZ displays outside the meeting room. To complement meeting room bookings, desks and car parking spaces can be booked using the myROOMZ IOS / Android app.

These displays show the exact time when the space is in use and can be used to release a vacant meeting room, making it available for someone else to use and make hot bookings.

With the myROOMZ app, workers can manage their workspaces in a way that allows them to coordinate their working day and do their best work in a place that suits them. This leads to an improved work-life balance, employees can now choose between remote working and personal office presence with bookable desks.

This makes hot-desking incredibly easy and facilitates collaboration. Users can also view colleagues’ reservations to see when they will be in the office so you can coordinate working patterns so valuable face-to-face time isn’t lost. The myROOMZ app helps to transform the office space into an exciting hub of activity and interaction that makes full use of its resources.  






What is the ROOMZ Advanced Analytics Tool?

All of this gathers valuable data easily accessed by the ROOMZ Advanced Analytics Tool. Supported by Microsoft Power BI, users can intuitively analyse the gathered data.

The Dashboards feature gives a valuable overview of how many workspaces are being used and where improvements could be made. Data can be obtained based on customisable tags for specific areas of the office space or equipment usage. This gives a granular level of accuracy and helps keep users well-informed on how best to redesign the office space.

With these insights, provided by ROOMZ technology, business owners can make informed decisions as to how the office space can meet the needs of the business and be more cost-efficient. For example, with some employees coming in 2-3 days per week, a bank of often mostly empty desks could instead be redesigned to facilitate collaborative work.

Not only would this improve cost efficiency, but it could also give employees more options to work in environments better suited to them. With 52% of employees describing their workplace as uninspiring, it is beneficial for many businesses to consider redesigning their office spaces. Not only could this save money, but a place of work that employees don’t enjoy being in will gradually degrade their productivity and overall satisfaction, eventually increasing their chances of leaving the business.

By reducing the number of desks and having more employees working in a hybrid way, businesses not only save on money and space but reduce their carbon footprint. With less commuter travel to and from the office, there is a ripe opportunity for organisations to reduce environmental impacts.


Does the ROOMZ Advanced Analytics Tool work?

During the pandemic, Sunderland City Council was forced to rapidly rise to the challenges of keeping staff safe while maintaining a smoothly running business. Offices at the City Hall were constructed with agile working in mind with ROOMZ technology woven throughout. ROOMZ sensors and displays helped to ensure meeting rooms and desks were available at a time when there was no room for guesswork.

The growing popularity of agile and hybrid working means businesses may take steps to limit the number of individual workstations and desks in favour of more cost-efficient options. ROOMZ means employees can decide where they’ll work that makes sense for them. With many employees taking an agile approach to work and still needing to be effective, ROOMZ provides a flexible system to maintain productivity.

ROOMZ is making waves in the workplace, reflecting the changing ways in which we work. With a strong focus on employees and business needs, cost efficiency and space management, ROOMZ optimises the workplace for the future.

Discover how ROOMZ can benefit your business. Contact our General Sales Manager Chris Southern: or 01379 773368