Here’s five reasons why you need to attend Bett 2017

Here’s five reasons why you need to attend Bett 2017

As a Senior Account Manager for the Education Team at Midwich, Bett 2017 is a must attend event for me for many reasons, here’s just five of them!

1. Your One-stop-shop

If you work within education, Bett 2017 is your one-stop-shop in solving all of the technological challenges we face in today’s ever changing education market. The industry can seem completely overwhelming at times, with new information and advances in technology and learning every day, at Bett, you'll find all you need to know under one roof.

2. Meet the Midwich Team     

We cant wait to get on the road to ExCel London and meet you! We'll be based on the SMART Technology stand during the event and would love for you to visit for a catch up and a coffee, or if you have something more specific you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to get in contact to arrange a meeting. On Thursday 26th, SMART are offering lunch with the executive team you can find out about the SMART Partner Programme and new SMART products, register here! 

3. Develop Your Knowledge

"90% agree that Bett is the best place to learn about technology"*

Expand your knowledge with the experts in education. You'll learn about new products and brands in the channel, as well as being able to take advantage of a range of seminars and keynotes. There's plenty of big names in education, such as Sir Ken Robinson, international advisor on education in the arts, to Heston Blumenthal, now officially recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry as a result of his dedication to creativity in science and learning.

4. Networking

Bett is packed with the people that matter in education, their mission is to bring together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential. They even have an official one-to-one networking service; 'connect@bett'', available to use for setting up meetings, to ensure you focus your day and maximise your time effectively.

5. Learn About Your Customers

Gauge interest at an end user level; there's so many teachers, technicians and decision makers in attendance, you'll get feedback on the most important products and vendors first-hand. You’ll easily be able to see which exhibitors are the most popular and generating the most interest, in order to take away unique industry insight.

I’ve attended Bett for several years now, along with 34,530 educators and decision makers from 138 countries in 2016. In those very recent years, interactive technology and laser projection have dominated and I firmly believe this will continue for Bett 2017.

So, if you too share an interest in this fast-paced, ever-evolving vertical, Bett is the education trade show for you in 2017.

"82% [of customers] have placed, or are looking to place orders as a result of their visit"*

See you at the show!


Tracey Andrews

Senior Account Manager for the Education Team 

Email or call 01379 649200