Epson in the public sector

Epson’s goal is to help the public sector save money, simplify the working life for public sector employees and help them get great-looking results.

The public sector is increasingly under more pressure to increase productivity on a diminishing budget. This has caused a necessity for equipment that performs perfectly every time and enhances security without hindrance to the job at hand.

Here are some of the top reasons you should be considering an Epson Scan and Display solution for your public sector needs:

  1. Cost Effective Solutions
  2. Reliable Solutions
  3. Kinder to the Environment Solutions
  4. Solutions For Every Environment
  5. Top Models for the Public Sector

Cost Effective Solutions

Technology solutions for the public sector must be cost-effective, not just during purchasing but throughout the products lifecycle. Epson’s elite fleet of document scanners help to free up office space traditionally used to store paper files, instead thousands of files can be stored on a single server and space can be used to generate more revenue.

It takes an average of 37 minutes to find one paper file, public servants can be more productive when everything is stored on one server and easy to find.

Reliable Solutions

The average employee loses one working week each year, because of IT systems and hardware downtime. In the public sector, there is no time to waste waiting for technology to respond, which is why Epson produce technology that can be relied on.

Not only does Epson offer reliable solutions, their products are also easy to use, require less maintenance and help people work more productively.

Epson products are built with the user in mind and their interactive meeting room displays are designed to help improve the quality of public sector meetings and brainstorm sessions and increase collaboration in the workplace. This system combines the benefits of ultra-short throw projects, with interactive whiteboards and flipcharts. After meetings and brainstorm sessions the collaborative work can be easily shared with the necessary parties by saving the annotated presentation and a shared network or sharing via email.

Kinder to the Environment Solutions

Epson are challenging themselves to be more environmentally friendly and manufacture products that consume less power. Their products are engineered to be cleaner and kinder to the environment.

The public sector has set some hard to hit environmental targets, Epson have also pledged to help public sector organisations meet their environmental target and save money at the same time. Their scanners feature no warm-up time, to help save energy. Plus, Epson’s displays are packed with energy-saving features.

Solutions For Every Environment

Epson in Healthcare

Installing efficient document scanners from Epson into doctors’ offices and healthcare environments makes it easier to digitise some of the most challenging paper records – medical documents. Sensitive patient information can securely shared with Epson’s secure scanning and archiving.

“Healthcare documents can vary in shape and size, from prescriptions to a written medical history form. Epson’s DS-870 offers the widest media handling from 27gsm to 413gsm and a long paper scanning mode up to 6096mm” – Craig Morrison, Brand Manager – Document Solutions, Midwich

Epson in Education

There is a drive in 2020 to digitise our classrooms, from sensory education devices in nurseries, to large lecture halls kitted out with top-of-the-line interactive projectors and lecture capture.

Administration functions in the education environment need to support the budget and priorities of schools. From nurseries to universities, budgets are tight, and every department needs to work in harmony to improve efficiency.

There are many reasons projectors have become an essential piece of technology in every classroom. From interacting and engaging with students to offering an eco-friendlier solution, teachers have embraced this technology.

Epson recently donated an ultra-short-throw interactive display to our Power Up Your Local School competition where we awarded Stratford St Mary Primary School in Suffolk, £10,000 worth of technology. The projector was used to create an interactive table for the students.

Epson in Government

There is an ever-increasing influx of documents for government officials to maintain, while under more financial pressure, and maintaining a commitment to care and quality. This has a need from the government for reliable and secure printers and scanners, to ensure work is protected.

Epson products are designed to meet every government requirement, from advanced control and management features to regulatory e-government compliance. Epson scanners offer cost-effective solutions to meet your targets without sacrificing quality or performance.

Designed to improve efficiency with their automatic document enhancement and OCR technology the conversion of scanned text to an editable format is extremely simple.

“Epson’s DS-780N features an industry-first ‘slow mode’ which is perfect for delicate media such as government archives and older documents. The roller speed is reduced to ensure documents are handled with care, without increasing file size.” – Craig Morrison, Brand Manager – Document Solutions, Midwich

Top Models for the Public Sector

Healthcare – EPSDS530

Epson Midwich B11B226401BU Workgroup Scanner 1

The DS-530 is a fast and efficient scanner with a small footprint making it convenient for sitting in many different healthcare environments, from GP Reception right through to Hospital back office. Scanning a variety of paper sizes and thickness, including a long paper mode which offers the ability to scan all the way up to 6 metres long. With the long paper mode and the Industry First Slow Mode, this scanner can successfully scan anything from a Doctor’s note all the way up to an ECG report.

Education – EPSE12000XLPRO

Epson Midwich B11B240401BU Flatbed Scanner A3 1

The 12000XL Pro is a best-in-class and the go-to scanner for anyone which Graphics Art scanning needs. The scanner is designed to meet the most demanding of applications and offers many impressive features to ensure sharp and accurate image reproduction up to A3. Not only is the scanner great in Education for creating accurate reproductions of their art or graphics work – it also has the ability to scan a range of media including film negatives and slides – so can be used across many subject areas. 

Government – EPSDS70000N

Epson Midwich B11B240401BU Flatbed Scanner A3 2

Government offices have an abundance of paperwork to scan and in order to keep on top of the scanning it is becoming apparent that they need reliable scanners to ensure they can keep up.  The DS-70000N, not only offers up to A3 documents through the Automatic Document Feeder, it also offers a built-in flatbed scanner for any delicate documents that may require scanning. This feature is particularly handy when it comes to scanning old birth certificates, deeds, etc. With the built-in Network Interface Panel the scanner can be made available to multiple users within the office and offers heavy duty scanning to a large workforce without tying up on of the user’s PC’s.

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