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Epson’s range of NEW Laser Projectors will keep you ahead of the curve. It is predicted that by 2020, laser light source based projectors will make up 74% of the projector market1. Why? The technology addresses two important market needs; increased image quality and increased savings for customers across the life time of the projector. Epson’s range of laser projectors are well positioned to meet both these needs, let’s explore how…

Image size

Projectors are an obvious choice when it comes to creating a big picture at a competitive price. Epson projectors offer screen sizes up to 300”. Even the Ultra-Short Throw Zero offsetLens is capable of delivering up to a 200” image from just 1.5m from the wall.  

Image Quality

Epson combines 4K enhancement technology with a 2,000:1 native contrast ratio to allow for exceptional detail, delivering uncompromising image quality and performance as well as the deepest, darkest blacks.

Thanks to 3LCD technology, the light generated with an Epson laser projector is also stable in brightness – it works incredibly well, even in well-lit environments.


Incorporating an inorganic phosphor wheel and LCD panels the EB-L1000 Series laser projectors are highly reliable, and durable, making them ideal for installation within hard to reach areas. Featuring a laser life of up to 56,000 hours and a filter maintenance cycle of up to 30,000 hours2, reduces maintenance time and effort.


Epson projectors have the ability to project pretty much anywhere – onto the floor, a ceiling, a curved screen, or corner wall, all of which enable customers to create eye-catching images in unusual settings without distortion or loss of brightness.

To help create even bigger images customers can edge blend or tile multiple projectors. Using the in-built camera they can be sure to achieve consistent colours as well as optimised white balance and better black colour matching between multiple projected images.

Full list of laser projectors:

  • EB-L1100U 
  • EB-L1200U 
  • EB-L1300U 
  • EB-L1405U 
  • EB-L1500U 
  • EB-L1505U 

With a 20,000 hour3 or five year warranty (whichever comes first) customers receive reliable long-term performance and complete peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate on their presentations.

Customers will always want more options and that’s why outside of laser, there are currently some great offers on Epson’s lamp based projectors ideally suited for the education and corporate verticals. Save up to £100 on the EB-1400, EB-1700 and EB-1900 ranges.

There is no need to claim, the discount has already been applied. But hurry! The price is valid only on goods shipped and invoiced within this promotion period.

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1 Future Source

2Laser light source delivers long lasting picture quality and high reliability with typical life between 20,000hrs and 56,000hrs depending on selected mode

3 Laser light source delivers long lasting picture quality and high reliability with typical life between 20,000hrs and 56,000hrs depending on selected mode