Digital Signage Solutions in Future Retail

Recently, more and more retailers are being pushed out of the high street by online shopping giants. The ‘High Street Crisis’ has forced companies to think of ways they can reinvent their stores while engaging with their customers. Digitization has been improving a variety of sectors, but some retailers are yet to realise the benefits of digital signage solutions.

So, what does the future look like for retailers?

Utilizing digital signage displays

Some of the difficulties retailers have encountered on the high street are due to the ununiformed experience customers have in-store and online. Content and advertisements in online stores don’t translate the same way in a physical shop, especially, when it is done with printed marketing materials. Digital signage in retail connects physical stores to their online stores and delivers a more consistent experience for customers across all platforms. In-store, digital signage and interactive displays help customers access information instantly, whether they are looking for a location, a certain product or health & safety measures.

Printed marketing displays are static and cannot adjust or be updated at a moment’s notice like digital signage displays. During the pandemic, retailers have successfully integrated technology to effectively communicate health and safety messages, and people count information. These displays will continue to benefit both retail environments and customers as we transition into the post-pandemic shopping era.

Advertising displays

Some customers can be quite wary of advertising, after all, we are living in an age of remarketing and targeted audiences. It has also become more difficult to surprise and impress customers who have seen it all. Embracing available technology and focusing on delivering an exciting customer experience is key.

In retail, commercial displays bring unique advantages. Firstly, it is much easier to deliver original content to potential customers in and outside the store. Eye-catching window displays can encourage window shoppers to come in and have a look inside. Once inside, advertising displays show bright coloured digital posters which pop due to large format displays in high resolution.

Outdoor commercial displays can be utilised to create interest in the public. Original roadside billboards have turned into a sight of the past, with their once vivid colours weather affected and corners slowly peeling away. However, outdoor advertising can be done right with digital billboards, boosting customer engagement and consequently sales. Outdoor commercial displays and LED billboards play a part in creating a brand awareness and further expanding on customer engagement.

Wayfinding & queue system displays

While advertising might seem to be the most direct approach using digital signage displays, there are multiple other uses that improve retail businesses.

Focusing on the customer means providing the best possible service and experience. Some stores can be confusing, their layout hard to figure out and navigate. The layout and finding the right products quickly are important for the overall experience of shoppers and especially when the person is pressed with time. Digital signage displays work as wayfinding solutions, providing instant information in the most comprehensive way.

Whilst commercial displays help people navigate store layouts while looking for a specific product, they are also extremely valuable in keeping everyone safe during the covid-19 pandemic. Digital signage is a long-term health & safety solution for retailers, which are directly responsible for their customers safety. Digital signage solutions are being introduced into queue management control as our own Jenny Hicks noted “Human beings get distracted, digital signage does not”. Integrating technology not only is more efficient but also cost effective, eliminating the need for extra staff members regulating the traffic and implementing safety guidelines.

Interactive retail experiences

Modern shoppers expect to have a fully immersive shopping experience. Interactive displays serve the purpose of engaging customers, helping them to better visualise products – should it be a new sofa or a dress – interactive displays are here to project a product into your reality.

For undecided customers, interactive displays assist with direct product comparisons, assisting the shopper to evaluate his/her needs and make a better choice. It has become a norm to use QR codes – from menus or specific products, saving time for both a customer and staff.

AV solutions quickly adopted QR codes and motions sensors during the pandemic to create a ‘touchless’ interactive experience. Commercial displays remain at the core of keeping both staff and customers safe – from wayfinding and people counters to temperature sensors and facial recognition. Customers will remain health conscious post-pandemic, in retail and public environments especially, interactive displays with a touchless alternative provide an immersive experience to every customer.

LG displays in retail

Investing in a quality digital signage displays can improve customer engagement, increase sales and brand awareness. LG’s UL3G series offer a wide range of sizes, varying from 43” to 86”, giving retailers flexibility and choice delivering customer focused vision. Creative content will stand out in vivid colours and fine details, with a resolution that is 4 times higher than FHD, content is more realistic, creating a more immersive experience. 

The LG webOS smart signage platform easily supports connections with external sensors via USB plug-in, compatible with temperature sensors or USB memory sticks. Built-in SoC can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth playback without the need for a media player. The overall cost for maintenance is reduced as there is no need to purchase additional software or media players for creating value-added solutions.  LG’s displays serve a purpose of creating an engaging and immersive shopping experience as creative window displays, billboards and interactive signage offering retailers an exclusive visual boost on the high street.


In order to stay on the high street, retailers are embracing the digital signage solutions, staying competitive and relevant in a touchless world.

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