A Beginner’s Guide to Video Streaming

As the country is adapting to new ways of communicating during the COVID-19 period we have seen an increase in demand for professional video and broadcast equipment.

Politicians, government experts, business leaders and doctors want to be able to share professional-grade briefings and meetings. Schools, teachers and celebrities are wanting to deliver lessons, training and online sessions via video streams. Even Houses of Worship are turning to broadcasting to stay connected with their congregations, at a time when community support and spirit are paramount.

Here at Holdan we have the products and expertise to help you source the right solutions for these individuals and organisations.

Richard Williams

General Sales Manager – Holdan

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A Beginner’s Guide to Video Streaming

Stream it live to anywhere from anywhere

The simplest way to deliver content live to staff, students, customers and service users is via YouTube Live or Facebook Live. There are lots of ways to produce and stream professional looking video.

Our technical team at Holdan can advise you on the best solution for your needs – give us a call on 01457 851000.

Straight from the camera

Simplest of all is to connect a camera direct to YouTube or Facebook. Certain cameras enable you to do just that. For a traditional camcorder, look no further than Panasonic's CX350, a camera that shoots superb professional video but is really easy to use, with a full auto mode, plus wired connectivity and optional WiFi.

For a desktop camera, check out Panasonic's UE4 camera system which enables you to stream via an Ethernet cable connection or by plugging the USB connection into your laptop. It gives you great picture quality and you can plug in your sound via the audio connector. It’s the ultimate webcam.

Simple streaming devices

If you want to stream the output of a single camera, Teradek's portable VidiU range is easy to use and can use either your WiFi or wired network to deliver video direct to YouTube and Facebook Live. Quick to set up by a simple App, you can get streaming in minutes.

If you're mixing video using a professional switcher, such as a Blackmagic ATEM, a desktop streaming device such as the Datavideo NVS-33 is ideal. It's got 5 buttons on the front, but there's just one button to push to stream.

Complete solutions with excellent usability

Epiphan Pearl 2 and Pearl Mini are incredibly easy to use. They are fantastic for blending PowerPoint presentations and other graphics with cameras and audio sources such as sound mixers and microphones.

Lumens LC200 is a straight forward streaming solution that can switch, record, and stream multiple cameras in classrooms or meetings. It's a simple push-button device, suitable for users of all levels.

Complete solutions with advanced features

Telestream Wirecast can be run from a laptop or can be purchased pre-configured as Wirecast Gear. It can switch, mix, store, and stream your video. It handles multiple cameras, adds fantastic graphic overlays and gives you great effects for a real TV look.

Datavideo HS-1300 is an easy to use professional device that allows you to switch and mix between multiple cameras and other video sources and add graphics and effects. You can record your programme to SD card and stream live the Internet using your existing broadband connection.


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