Brexit Statement

Embracing the challenges

The decision to leave the EU means that we must embrace the challenges that Brexit will inevitably bring to all of us.

In light of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and whatever the result of negotiations, Midwich will continue to prepare for all possible outcomes to ensure that, as the largest specialist AV distributor in the UK & Ireland, we deliver unwavering support to our vendors and customers.

With our on-going commitment to this situation, we have given consideration to a number of areas, such as customs control, impact on costs, administrative workload and our employees and will seek to address these questions in an FAQ document that will be made available to you soon.​ Even though this is unchartered territory, we are focused on providing continuity for our customers and the channel alike. This will ensure that we emerge in the strongest possible position in a post-Brexit Britain.

You can contact the Brexit Team at

Mark Lowe, Managing Director

Midwich has seen several periods of change and economic/political shift in recent years. Specifically, the financial crises and more recently the volatility after the referendum vote. In both instances we have continued to grow and provide continuity to our customers and vendor partners.

The situation we are facing with Brexit is very fluid and there are many possible outcomes. This makes planning and risk-mitigation more onerous for all UK businesses as has been heavily publicised in the press. Our stance therefore is that it is our responsibility to prepare for the very worst but, we expect something significantly better.

We have set up a Brexit team, led by our UK&I Operations Director Tracey Perkins and we are confident that we are well-placed to deliver the growth and continuity that we have planned for.

We have summarised some key areas below:

  • In the unlikely event that we revert to WTO tariffs we do not expect this to have a material impact on pricing. The vast majority, if not all of Midwich products will not be affected. We have also conducted a review of commodity codes to ensure products are categorised correctly as they cross the border.
  • We have strategies in place to minimise disruption in the unlikely event of price fluctuations.
  • Our status as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) will ensure that inbound goods are prioritised at the point that they reach customs control.
  • There may be some additional administration in the event of a no-deal and we have allocated additional resource to deal with this.

Being part of the Midwich Group Plc, we are very well placed regarding our global reach due to our ever-expanding acquisitions. Other Midwich Group companies are in Ireland, Germany, France, Spain & Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Australasia.