A design the world has never seen before. Optimised for the realisation of a future product.

COMING SOON - Transparent OLED displays from LG

Ideal for retail, museums and art galleries.

Perfect Black

The future is OLED

A self-emissive display where every pixel exuberantly emits light taking the TV industry to a whole new level, OLED TV presents the best picture quality and futuristic design.

OLED realizes realistic, vivid colors with its precise color expression for no matter what images from any viewing angle. Crystal Sound OLED products do not require separate speakers because the panel acts as audio equipment and is part of the speaker, so you can hear the sound directly from the screen for a theatre-like experience.

OLED Screen

OLED TV structure map

Get closer to the picture with the innovative, self-emissive design of OLED technology.

OLED Structure

Highest Picture Quality

LG have also developed the world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED display with 33 million pixels (7680 x 4320) – four time more than UHD (3840 x 2160). Discover this self-emissive 8K OLED technology and experience exceptional picture quality.

Perfect Black Picture

LG’s OLED technology offers a perfect black picture quality for an infinite contrast ratio by controlling every pixel.

Perfect Black

A Super Narrow Bezel

LG developed a super slim bezel that minimises cut-off and image distortion. A video wall is the optimal solution for large displays, such as those needed in airports and control rooms. The wide viewing angle of a video wall allows for uniform image quality, with no colour wash. The exclusive algorithm technology enables uniform image quality and colours across multiple screens, tiled side by side.

Rollable OLED Display

LG Display’s newly-unveiled 65-inch rollable UHD OLED display highlights the unlimited potential of OLED. It can be rolled up and stored away when not in use, plus the small size of the stored screen means that it can be easily moved, for better space utilization – something current displays can’t deliver.

Rollable OLED


Dean Little from LG talks us through the benefits of their OLED technology, with one analogy that definitely went over Ciaran's head!

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