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Why Philips?

It’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing some form of digital display these days. It has unlocked an infinite world of creativity, connectivity and unrivalled success. Philips Professional Displays is helping resellers and integrators develop every industry. Featuring the latest technological innovations, it brings new opportunities to engage, entertain and inform. And Philips is going one step further. Creating a vision for the future, Philips are committed to sustainability today. Through their values, actions and products – they’re transforming industries in more than just engagement.

Professional TV

Experience the future of business with stylish and innovative Philips professional TVs. The state-of-the-art TVs boast advanced connectivity and a range of smart features, making them the perfect addition to any modern business. Whether it’s the hospitality or corporate world - combining sustainability and flexibility means you don’t have to settle for anything less than driving businesses into the future.



We know how important connectivity is. Whether you’re setting up a hotel or conference centre, the Philips MediaSuite brings a whole world of options to the screen with built-in Chromecast, Google Play Store and Google Voice Assistant.
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Show more with a budget-friendly standalone professional TV. The intuitive CMND solution makes it simple to deploy and manage connected displays. Benefit from simple, fast installation and an on-screen welcome page that's easy to program.
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Digital signage

Tired or bland, run-of-the-mill digital signage that fails to impress clients? Philips digital signage solutions are guaranteed to bring business visions to life, captivating audiences with crystal-clear resolution, high brightness and flawless quality. From retail to healthcare, education to finance, customise your set-up to meet the brief and grab attention to make a long-lasting impression.


Philips B Line

Philips B Line seamlessly integrates into corporate systems to increase productivity and efficient control.
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Philips S Line

From menu boards to point of sale and beyond, stretch display possibilities into slimmer spaces with the 37” Philips S Line.
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Philips Q Line

Inform and enthral with a Philips Q-Line Professional Ultra HD Display. This reliable solution can be up and running as quickly as you need.
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Philips D Line

Philips superb picture quality ensures true colours and intense contrast. Effortlessly display content from multiple sources on a single screen.
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Philips Tableaux

The Open2 25” Philips Tableaux ePaper display delivers power-free digital signage to businesses everywhere, leading the way to a sustainable future.
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With Philips videowall displays, you have the power and versatility to transform any space into an immersive visual feast. Whether you’re in a bustling public space, a control centre or a private office, capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged with the bigger picture. Help businesses upgrade their visual game and watch the difference in results.


Philips X Line

Designed for maximum impact, the 65” Philips X Line features super-high brightness and ultra-clear resolution, creating flawless and engaging content.
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