Samsung Flip Partner Launch

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Samsung Transforms the Modern Meeting with

New Interactive Digital Flip Chart

Productive and Interactive Collaboration

The Samsung Flip helps ensure that all voices and ideas are heard during a given meeting. Up to four different participants can introduce content or annotate directly on screen at the same time using either their fingers or a dual-sided pen, allowing for simultaneous multi-user engagement. In doing so, each user can customize his or her own writing style, size and colour, with each notation made clear and visible by viewer-friendly UHD resolution.

Customized and Comfortable Creativity

Participants can access up to 20 pages of writing space with embedded search functionalities, avoiding possible interruptions from having to search through multiple sheets of paper or notes to locate specific details.

Each Flip display is also customizable and can be configured to portrait or landscape orientations to suit unique meeting needs. When coupled with its height-adjustable stand, the Flip also maximizes available writing space at users’ preferred positions, and it can also be connected to a compatible wall mount for more centralized discussion.

Convenient and Secure Conclusion

The Samsung Flip display stores all content within a central database, eliminating the need for transcribing minutes. A password-based protection system helps to safeguard meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information. Once logged in, meeting facilitators and participants can download and share featured content through email or traditional printing. Users additionally can save meeting notes to a USB drive or other external sources.

Following its CES 2018 launch and ensuing availability in the U.S. and Europe, Samsung plans to introduce the Flip display to global professional users later this month. For more information, please contact our specialist Chris (details below).


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