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Technology Exposed 2018

Technology Exposed 2018 is here. And it's bigger and better than ever! 

Join us, and the Midwich Group at this year's Technology Exposed event. Unearth endless opportunities by joining us for two days of the latest vendor technology and vertical market intelligence.  

New for 2018...

AV in IT, Time Saving Technologies 
We'll be encapsulating a host of technologies to bring together the solutions for efficient working in any business, driving you towards a fully digital future. These pods will consist of:

Traditional Meets Digital  Enabling Effective Collaboration Rise of the Huddle Room
Meetings Should be seen AND Heard Optimise Your Remote Experience The All-In-One

A small step for teaching, a giant leap for learning 
Showcasing the future of higher education through distance learning and the creative opportunities of media suites, meet with Holdan and the Sound Technology  teams and see the kit come to life.

Virtual learning
With schedules becoming busier and technology being at the forefront of learning, the ability to offer students the option to learn remotely and study away from the classroom is becoming more and more essential. Presenting a more simple, stress-free experience and proving to be both time and cost effective for both students and educators. Stop by our education area at this year’s show to hear about the future of higher education learning and the available solutions through Midwich Ltd.

Education & technology evolving together…
Offering a practical and pioneering learning experience, recording and media studios are becoming more common place throughout education establishments. Utilising technology of the future, educators have the opportunity to integrate multiple subjects into one environment and engage with students more productively.

Media literacy through technology is a gateway into future learning, discuss existing education opportunity with our team to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

LED, a fully immersive future 
Create visual impact with LED; the benefits of switching speak for themselves, with a longer life span, reduced maintenance and energy efficient. With 58% of the corporate signage market last year, incorporating LED into office/atrium installs, alongside the existing market opportunity within retail, LED is becoming used more and more across multiple verticals.

The Midwich Group Stand 
As always, we will be hosting our very own Midwich Group stand:

  • Midwich TV - listen in to key vendors and Midwich contacts as they discuss the latest technologies and market developments
  • Meeting Spaces - pull up a chair, rest your feet, delve into a meeting topic on one of our many tables and chairs 
  • Evening drinks - Join us at the end of show day Wednesday for a wind-down drink while discussing your insights and discoveries  
  • VR relaxation pod - Pop on a VR headset and take a journey through a different dimension; is VR better than reality? 

We look forward to seeing you. 




Date Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th September



Mercedes-Benz World
Brooklands Dr,
KT13 0SL


Wednesday 05 September 2018 10:00 - 16:00
Thursday 06 September 2018 10:00 - 16:00