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Midwich GDPR Birmingham Event

Keeping data safe, secure and private has always been a major priority for any business. Now, with General Data Protection Regulation coming into force, it's essential that your business is prepared for the changes. 

GDPR will impact more than 5.4M SMBs in the UK...* 

...and it's imperative that your business is prepared for the changes taking place in May 2018. Join us at our GDPR event in Birmingham to discover how the new laws will impact your business. 

We can help you prepare for these changes and showcase to you the core products and technologies suitable for the new legislation. With live product demonstrations and a GDPR keynote speaker, our aim is to give you the confidence to say your business will be GDPR compliant come the legislation deadline.

Benefits of digital transformation 

• Better organised data, all stored in one place.
• Increased storage capabilities with cloud-based servers.
• Quicker to find and retrieve files.
• Ability to manage data more effectively.
• Easier to share information/files between colleagues
and across office locations.
• Increased efficiency/time savings for admin staff.
• Increased office space with less physical filing.
• Greater security of data

Register for our Birmingham event here. 



Date Tuesday 27 March 2018



7 Cannon St,
B2 5EP


Tuesday 27 March 2018 10:00 - 15:00