New Midwich store features

Enjoy a Better Midwich Store Experience

While you’ve been busy searching through the Midwich Store for the latest tech and new product releases, you may have noticed that we’ve updated a few features. We still have all your favourite products and sales offers to entice you back again and again. But now we can make your time navigating through our Store easier and more enjoyable. So, we’ve introduced some new and upgraded features that should make your day to day experience of the Midwich Store much better.

intelligent search

Truly Intelligent Searching

Using our updated Search Bar, you can easily access every area of the Midwich Store. Start typing in what you’re looking for and it will quickly return the closest match, auto populating the search for your ease. But scroll through the options delivered to you and you will also see the different Brands and Technologies that we have available.

filter search

Clear Filter Searches

Once you’ve found a range of products that suit your original search criteria, take a moment to select the right technology for your needs. This will open our detailed filter feature to find to perfect product for you. Once you have entered every attribute imaginable, use the handy Save Search function to access the criteria again or just for future reference.

compare contrast

Compare and Contrast

Search for any item you want in the store and you’re likely to see multiple results. With our Comparison Tool, you can easily see every difference between your selected products. Simply tick the compare box below the items to add them to the Comparison Bar and then click the compare button to see a full break down.




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