Staff recognised for 160 years’ service

Midwich long service awardsLong-serving line up: Midwich staff pictured with managing director, Stephen Fenby, fourth from left.





The dedication of employees at technology distributor Midwich, based in Diss, was celebrated this month honouring 12, of over 440, members of staff with long service awards for reaching a staggering total of 160 years’ service.

Amongst the longest-serving members of staff is Mark Betts, standing at 30 years. Mark started his career at Midwich on a youth training scheme in 1984; he recalls his very first experience of the business when buying his first Acorn BBC microcomputer from the company, thinking at the time he would like to work there.

Stephen Fenby, Managing Director at Midwich said: “Mark’s 30 years’ service is remarkable and something that, quite rightly, has been congratulated here at Midwich.

“As an employer, we benefit from a number of long-service staff and the expertise and experience that comes with that, but Mark’s dedication is exceptional and his contribution in our IT department is as important to Midwich as it has ever been.”

In the 30 years, Mark has witnessed Midwich change from a shed-run operation evolving into a Sunday Times Top Track 250 and EDP Top 50 company it is today, with operations across the globe.  Mark said: “It was the staff that made us what we were then, and the same is still true today. The key is the mix of people and skills and it’s this that makes us different from the rest of the industry”.

Mark has witnessed first-hand the speed of technological change, his first role was in the production team building BBC micro 5 ¼ floppy drives, progressing to help fix BBC micros. As the company moved into trade distribution, Mark’s role developed to support the internal systems, to the present day where he is currently supporting company computer systems and communications from the Diss headquarters.

Mark has seen many developments in technology and highlights how sci-fi is often now becoming reality. Mark added: “I wonder what will be in another 30 years, but hopefully I will be retired by then and hovering around on my space scooter!” 

Awards were presented to; Lauren Solley, 10 years; Jo Manning, 10 years; Emma Bryant, 10 years; Jodie Keeley, 10 years; Anita Bishop, 10 years; Karen Parker, 10 years;  Jennie Addison, 10 years;  Clare Hutton, 15 years; Stuart Spurgeon, 15 years;  Michaela Peacock, 15 years; Vicki Albert, 15 years; Mark Betts, 30 years.