Sharp Information Systems Europe launched the PN-H801 80” 4K UHD Large Format Display (LFD) on Tuesday this week, the first professional display to feature an extended colour range. Designed to meet demand from luxury retailers for in-store displays with better colour reproduction, the PN-H801, with Sharp’s unique UV2A LCD technology, offers a much wider colour range than standard LFDs. This means that adverts and photographs look more lifelike on the PN-H801, and retailers are better able to create the brand experience they want.

Michael Bailly, Product Development and Marketing Director, Visual Solutions, Sharp Europe, said: “We have seen the frustrations of businesses who invest so much time and money in creating sophisticated high quality adverts and visuals, only to find that their current LCD technology doesn’t do this heavily re-touched imagery justice. The PN-H801 is a new generation of digital signage, breaking businesses free from the restrictions of yesterday’s technology with more and better pixels to make jewellery more desirable, food more appetising and detailed data easier to present and share. This device will trigger more purchase impulses, enhancing the in-store customer experience and creating real wow factor”.

Because 4K content requires a high bandwidth, the PN-H801 also offers standalone image rendering capabilities through an integrated 4K media player. This simple “Plug & Go” solution allows the playback of Full-HD video and 4K still imagery without needing to be connected to a PC or local network. Other features include ultra- slim aluminium bezels, installation in portrait or landscape mode and 24/7 reliability, making the PN-H801 a versatile and reliable display for retailers or businesses needing to display highly detailed and colour accurate data.

The PN-H801 is now available to order from Midwich.