Sharp Information Systems Europe launched the BIG PAD PN-70TW3 on Tuesday 15th March, its first Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) to offer integrated wireless connectivity, allowing people to walk in to a meeting and present on BIG PAD, without needing to attach their laptop, mobile or tablet with a cable. The new 70” BIG PAD is also the first IFPD on the market to offer a DICOM ‘emulation mode’ for healthcare professionals, enabling faster and more effective group review of X-rays.

The PN-70TW3 incorporates the MirrorOp for Sharp collaboration feature, allowing up to 10 people to wirelessly connect to BIG PAD simultaneously using their own device, making it easy to share information on BIG PAD’s screen. Sharp’s industry-leading Infrared (IR) touch technology, with 10-point multi touch, offers a fast, responsive and reliable touch experience, and Sharp’s Direct Drawing controller means that users can start drawing as soon as BIG PAD is switched on, without having to wait for an external PC to boot up.

Michael Bailly, Product Development and Marketing Director, Visual Solutions, Sharp Europe said: "This latest addition to the BIG PAD family is a powerful combination of best-in-class BIG PAD features encouraging creativity and productivity, plus wireless connectivity. It’s a very simple and practical response to a daily problem: someone coming into a boardroom to present on a Display via his or her laptop and finding it has a different video connector to the one required. Our solution is an effortless complete wireless communication, giving businesses more time to focus on tackling challenges, sharing information and creating new ideas.”

The PN-70TW3 is available to order from Midwich now. A 60” version, the PN-60TW3, will follow in April.