Refresh your AMX tech for 2018

Nick WhiteAre your customers still using discontinued, out-of-warranty AMX products? If so, it’s time for them to get refreshed! Harman have just announced a great opportunity to upgrade to a brand-new model and save money at the same time.


How does it work?

Once you’ve identified any discontinued, out-of-warranty products that you or your customers may have, email me or any of our AMX specialists to find which new products you can claim a discount on. We will check for any eligible upgrade paths and get back to you, with your discount being applied as an additional percentage off your standard trade price. You’ll then need to complete a form (details below) and wait for approval from Harman and Midwich, after which you’ll receive a unique reference number to be included on your PO.

How do I know if my products are eligible for trade-in?

Providing that your AMX product is discontinued, out-of-warranty, and has not been purchased from a 3rd party seller, you should be able to trade it in! Once you've got in touch, we’ll give you a matrix containing all the eligible discontinued models and the equivalent newer models you can claim discounts against.

Harman will also continue to review the offer, meaning any products which become discontinued in the future are likely to be added to the scheme.

How do I claim my discount?

Once you know which products you’ll be trading in, and the ones you’re set to receive with your discount, we’ll give you a form to fill out with the following details:

  • The distributor through which the purchase will be made
  • The end user’s name
  • The model and serial number of each item to be traded in
    • Must be mapped correctly to the corresponding new product to be purchased
    • Must include list price and Get Refreshed discount as indicated in the trade in matrix)


Your purchase total is then automatically calculated, ready for you to confirm your order.


Again, if you’d like any more information on the scheme, we’re always here to help. Contact me at if you have any queries, or email if you’re ready to get refreshed!