Q&A with Jon Dew-Stanley - Control Rooms & Command Centres | Midwich

We caught up with our Technical Director, Jon Dew-Stanley and posed a few questions around control rooms and command centres (C&Cs).

Q - How, where and why is AV being used in control rooms and command centres (C&Cs)? 

Operators within command and control applications have relied on AV equipment to simplify access to critical information for many years. Managing dataflow, from CCTV feeds, complex analytics or systems functionality, AV in the form of video walls, particularly the processors that drive them are an integral part of a command and control facility. As technology improves in resolution, clarity and performance the scale and volume of signals and data increases. In blue light and security applications, taking dozens, if not thousands of CCTV camera channels and letting multiple operators collaborate together and in real time, to see, scale and share content, both live or pre-recorded is an essential function of the operation

Q - How is AV usage in C&Cs changing and developing?

A video wall is more than a large screen, it now augments to the users desktop computers to share and move content for multiple operators seamlessly. While many sources are local to the command or control centre, the advent of IP based CCTV means most data now resides on the network. Along with sources, the signal distribution and video wall processing is migrating to the network. Signals for each display are often distributed over an IP network.

Q - What are C&Cs’ main requirements from AV technology? And what key AV issues and challenges do they face (e.g. ergonomics, integration, remote operation, etc etc)?

Collaboration is key to the function of a command and control facility. Having the flexibility to move and manipulate content material while ensuring the security of the data. Now that signals are most commonly sent via a network, it is essential that all appropriate security is used to prevent remote access.

Q - How big/important a part of the whole C&C system is AV – e.g. does AV drive the whole C&C system, and if so how responsible are AV specialists for integrating different data streams, prioritising/deciding which data to display, deciding how to present data, enabling decision support, etc?

AV is a critical tool in command and control applications and is powerful because of its integration with various data streams and applications. Flexibility of content manipulation both in a video wall but across operators within a facility promotes decision making and team collaboration.

Q - How strong is the C&C market, and which sectors and regions are the biggest users or growing most quickly?

The latest infocomm report suggests that C&C is a growth market through 2022 due to the development of new facilities and also refurbishments. 

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