Our Guide to Working from Home in 2020: Juggling Work and Family and Finding Time for You

BAmira Bird, Midwich Digital Content Creator 

Finding a work-life balance is important in normal circumstances; it’s even more crucial when you’re working from home. In these uncertain times, being completely isolated is certainly difficult but working with your children at home all day poses its own challenges.  

This is something that Oliver Polhill, one of our Technical Brand Managers, faces with both him and his partner currently working from home. They’ve taken to LinkedIn to share their top tips for looking after their two boys while working. So, I thought I would find out more about how they manage the madness.   

Amira BirdIt sounds like one of the biggest challenges you face is trying to work and look after your children at the same time. What do you find most difficult about this?  

Oliver PolhillLooking after your children and working – these are two things that when you do them, you want to give your undivided attention and make sure things are perfect. It’s therefore been a real challenge to balance trying to achieve both at the same time. 

Amira BirdI saw some fantastic tips your partner put on LinkedIn about caring for children while working, were these something you discovered along the way or set up from the beginning? 

Oliver PolhillMy wife works from home regularly and has done for several years. As with most things in life, the more you do something the better you get, right? Her advice is forged in a furnace of juggling 4pm conference calls with the demanding needs of two cheeky boys on a far too regular basis. I’m certain she must dye her hair as I find it hard to believe she is not 100% naturally grey! 

Amira BirdAlthough a challenge, are you enjoying the extra time you get with your family? 

Oliver PolhillYes. Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt yes. We’re only two days in but it has been fantastic so far. I am confident some positive, life-long memories will be created in the next few weeks. Ask me again in a week and it’s possible you may get a different answer… 

Amira BirdWhat is your top tip for people who are also working with their partners and children in the house? 

Oliver PolhillTake a screenshot next time you’re on a conference call. When your youngest son next shouts out “can somebody help, I’ve accidentally peed on the bathroom floor”, pop your headset on, open the saved image and hey presto you’re on an important call and cannot possibly be expected to help. Works every time!

A cheeky little tip there! Although, I’ll admit I used to do something quite similar when I was meant to be studying and my mum wanted me to help her with the washing. Sometimes taking those moments can be the difference between keeping your sanity and losing it completely.

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