Our Guide to Working from Home in 2020: Keeping in Touch and Healthy Habits

BAmira Bird, Midwich Digital Content Creator 

Although having the right equipment is important, it’s certainly not the whole picture. When I first started working from home, I was certainly surprised just how many workplace habits I missed – and how important they are.  

Making a cup of tea isn’t just about having a drink, it’s also an opportunity to stretch my legs, catch up with colleagues give my mind a rest.  

Rob Sims, one of the colleagues I tend to run into in the tearoom, has been sharing on LinkedIn what working from home is like for him. In his working from home serieshe shares videos about the habits he keeps up to stay sane and stay safe.  


Amira Blog2I saw one of your working from home posts pop up on my LinkedIn news feed over the weekend, what sparked your decision to start the series?

Rob Blog2I'm not really sure where it came from. Possibly thought it might be a bit cathartic, maybe just wanted to try to let people know that we're sort of all in this together and as a way to connect with people, I put it on LinkedIn because I've got a load of connections who are posting, and I never really seem to have anything to say and it seemed like a bit of fun. There's a really trashy hallmark Christmas movie called 'The National Tree', which I watch every year, where the teenager does a travel video diary and uploads it, I wanted to be like him! 

Amira Blog2That's brilliant! I love it! What would you say is the biggest challenge you've faced from working from home? 

Rob Blog2I'd say it'd have to be the obvious, not being in the office, we've got some great people at Midwich in general and my team is excellent, we're really close knit so it's been difficult not being able to spin round and have the banter we normally enjoy. I work on the technical side of the ERP team and again, not being able to just nudge Greg or Karl and ask questions, it's just a bit disjointed really. That may sound odd to people considering I'm known as the grumpy one in the corner with his headphones on! 

Amira Blog2Haha, have you found Teams chats have been able to help you with this? Or have you managed to come up with a different solution for this? 

Rob Blog2Yes, we've had our daily team meetings over Teams, we use teams a lot to communicate with the other legal entities anyway so we're able to share screens, discuss and have input on what we're doing so it is working for us. 

Amira Blog2Oh, fantastic! What would you say is the best thing about working from home? 

Rob Blog2Every day is dress down day!! It's good to be able to work flexibly, I can also take the dog for a walk at lunchtimes and I don't have to worry about what I'm having for lunch that day at 6am in the morning! I think we're luckier than some in that we've been given this flexibility by the company to be able to do this. 

Amira Blog2I definitely agree with you there! Okay, this is my last question - do you have any tips or advice or other people who have started working from home today? 

Rob Blog2Ah, OK, I'd say don't get stressed by not being able to get a response to things straight away, we are used to being able to get up walk to the person we need information from and getting a response straight away, it's not going to happen like that all the time. Don't lose contact with people reach out to them. Stretch your legs, get up and go to the kitchen, make a coffee, stick your head outside the door and get some fresh air. It's really easy, because you're on your own, to just sit there and keep working. You get up and walk about at work, so you need to keep doing that. Mostly though, stay in contact with people, I think we've still got a few weeks of this! 


You can follow Rob’s series on LinkedIn. Start with Day One here 

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