Hisense A6200 - Surprising performance and great value

Have you considered the Hisense A6200 range?

Hisense's mid-range model, offers everything you would expect from a consumer TV; 4k, HDR and a Smart TV platform with a selection of video streaming services at a very reasonable price. Receiving a 4.5*/5* from Techradar it's definitly worth a second look.

The A6200 is available in four screen sizes:

43"  50"  55"  65" 

'The Hisense H50A6200 delivers a combination of performance and features that is hard to believe at a price of only £379. Hisense’s experience and scale as one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers allows it to build a 4K TV that, while cheap, doesn’t compromise on picture quality.

The design is functional, the build quality solid, and the smart platform simple but effective. The HD/SDR performance is particularly impressive, with an unusually accurate picture at this price point. Unfortunately the HDR performance is limited, but that’s par for the course when dealing with budget TVs.' 

Stephen Withers, Techradar 

Read the full article here - https://www.techradar.com/reviews/hisense-a6200-led-tv-h50a6200uk