Essential Security Expertise released from Midwich for 2017

Press Release – Security Guide 2017

Essential Security Expertise released from Midwich for 2017

This month, Midwich releases the latest in their series of technical catalogues and guides, the Security Guide 2017. This guide contains essential industry insights and expertise, whilst highlighting the importance of security in commercial AV applications today.

When asked what sets Midwich apart as the leading distributor for security, Director of Midwich Technical, Jon Dew-Stanley explained; Midwich offer our trade partners access to leading security brands supported by a dedicated team of technology specialists, the team behind your team. Our supportive partnership with the channel to provide advice and guidance on security products right through to technical systems makes Midwich a technology partner of choice to the trade.

We strive to competitively meet the demands of mission critical access control, IP CCTV and software analytics systems. We help AV clients to realise projects using networked security technologies that naturally complement the skills of an AV company and develop new avenues of business.   

The guide includes a range of technologies including access control, detection, surveillance and more. According to a new market research report, the video surveillance market is set to be worth $71.28 Billion by 2022, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.56%*, emphasising the opportunities to those in the business of video surveillance and security.

This growth is led by the advancement in software and networking; a major feature of some of the brand-new products included within the guide including that of video analytics. Serious advances in technology in the last year have made this particular technology far more accessible by providing edge-based devices, declining price points and more varied processing capabilities, now, video analytics are not just available to large, corporate environments, requiring powerful servers and high-end infrastructure.

Francesco Bellavia, Head of Security Sales at Midwich explains; "The increase in the availability of edge-based camera analytics will allow you to make significant savings on larger, more integrated systems. Advanced systems can provide License Plate Recognition (LPR), people counting and heat mapping which can be processed by the camera rather than the server."

With the commercial market for security expecting to grow at its highest between 2016 and 2022, retail business is a big focus and is generating high demand in order to reduce robbery and inventory loss. Whilst in the commercial sector, financial institutions and banks require the very latest technology to stay ahead of the curve when providing security to the buildings, maintaining cash management, and monitoring customer and staff activities. Governments demand functional expertise and operational efficiency and are increasing installations to combat threats such as growing crime rates and terrorism.

Midwich supply some of the world biggest and best brands across commercial AV, with the Security Guide 2017 including new products and technologies from more than 20 of the industry leading suppliers, including Hanwha Techwin, Dahua, Panasonic and Bosch to name just a few.

Francesco says; "We’ve packed it full of our top brands, the latest products and technical expertise from Midwich, with the addition of our added value services and technologies to help grow your business this year."

And added; "Of course, as technology advances there is always the need for technical support and system design and here at Midwich, our technical team are fully trained and conversant in the latest products."




Contact Francesco and the team on 01379 647500 to find out more about security products and services at Midwich.