Agile Working Launches at Midwich

Midwich launches Agile Working, a new vertical, to empower a flexible working transition. With UC&C constantly developing and adapting, we have expanded our offering and solutions to fit the modern working world.

Agile Working puts an emphasis on flexibility within the business, but also on the individual. It has defined work as an activity, not a destination, providing tools to support companies and their employees to effectively work from anywhere. This type of working fosters productivity and a better work-life balance. Continuous changes in the working environment and undeniable benefits are accelerating the adaptation of agile working globally.

Many people are making decisions on who to work for around the option chose an agile working contract. So, if you want to keep or attract the best people your business needs to be able to offer this way of working. – Chris Southern, General Sales Manager at Midwich.

Technology plays a key role in shaping the working world, keeping everyone connected. We have the tools available with UC&C technology ensuring the same level of professionalism and sophistication regardless of your physical location.

Without the ability to truly collaborate remote workers can feel isolated and not part of the business. So they need high quality audio, video and the ability to interact with things such as whiteboarding or document markup, resulting in an immersive experience. This needs to be replicated wherever they work as work is a thing you do not a place you go to anymore. No longer is the laptop the answer to everything the correct peripherals are as important as your main device. – Chris Southern, General Sales Manager at Midwich.

Every professional has individual requirements to operate efficiently, that’s why you won’t find a one-size-fits-all solution. Agile Working Configurator was created to make the process of finding the right technology easier. Industry experts have hand-picked the essential technology to reflect different working environments and needs - functional and easily adoptable.

Midwich further supports agile working by providing accessible and easy-to-use solutions with its OPEX model. Businesses can benefit from our unrivalled warranty support and expert advice to have a smooth transition into flexible working. 


For more information on Agile Working solutions and support services, please contact Midwich UC&C team: | 01379 649200