3D printer gives 4-year-old girl a new hand

Abbi Jillians, 4, was born with just a thumb on her left hand, but now with the help of the donation of a 3D printer from Midwich, is able to get dressed by herself, ride a bike and brush her favourite doll's hair with the help of a new 3D printed hand.

Abbi's mum Julie Jillians started a campaign three months ago to find local access to a 3D printer after Abbi's grandmother showed her an article online about a 3D printed hand.

The pink hand is fitted to Abbi's arm using a Velcro strap and opens and closes when her wrist is bent up and down. Around 20 parts for the hand are printed separately and fitted together using elastic bands.

3D print specialist Ashley Camm said that NHS prosthetics are usually for aesthetic purposes only and do not move or grip.

He added that the hand costs around £50 to print, which means that new limbs can be created as a child grows.

Abbi's family have since raised nearly £4,000 to get a 3D printer so that a nearby school can help other children in similar situations.

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