University of Bedfordshire use 4mm LED to produce stunning 6m display


In 2015, the University of Bedfordshire created a tender for the supply of audio visual and digital signage for their new library building. This project included a requirement for a show-stopping display for the reception area, which would be used as an information platform to display key university statistics and opening times. Following a thorough tender process, AV and IT providers Pacific, were awarded the project and began working with the University of Bedfordshire to deliver against the requirements.


Pacific and the University of Bedfordshire reviewed numerous technologies to incorporate into the reception display and work alongside the specified Onelan digital signage system. In September 2015, Pacific hosted their annual Technology Event where PSCo (part of the Midwich Group), technical distributor of display technologies, showcased Absen’s narrow pixel pitch LED. The University attended the event as guests, and after seeing the LED display, decided that this technology would be an ideal fit for the reception display brief. As the display is truly seamless, it would not disrupt the content being showcased, and its extreme brightness, would allow information to be clearly seen even in the high ambient light environment.


In order to choose the most suitable LED display product for the application, Pacific brought the University to the PSCo Assessment Centre. Here they had the chance to compare pixel pitches, see the performance and quality of the LED displays, and discuss project restrictions such as mounting. Following this assessment, the Absen N4, 4mm LED was selected for the project. The display was composed of 18 panels in a 6 x 3 formation, forming an impressive 6.91m x 0.86m display.

PSCo worked with specialist mounting provider Boldman to provide a bespoke mounting solution. It would need to be mounted to an existing structure above the reception, so a full safety checked would be required to ensure it would be structurally safe and sound. The display also needed to be covered at the rear to ensure the product was enclosed, whilst still ensuring adequate ventilation. The chosen solution was an aesthetically pleasing mesh rear which delivered on all of these points. The project was successfully installed utilising PSCo Technical Assistance services to support with the set-up of the Absen N4 LED display in time for the library launch.


Graham Pow, LED Sales Specialist, comments on the benefit of visiting the Assessment Centre. "The University of Bedfordshire had already seen Absen’s LED at the Pacific Technology Event but by visiting the PSCo Assessment Centre it gave them a chance to see the LED in more detail. We were able to show them a variety of pixel pitches, a selection of content, and discuss mounting options available. This was massively beneficial for all as it meant we could really get to know the customer and their requirements to ensure we found the best product for them!"

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