Unexpected Features of SMART Digital Displays 

During the global pandemic, the workforce had to move out of the office and adopt home working. Companies were forced to accommodate employees and clients in new ways, that were safe and secure, with minimal disruptions. Any companies that missed the digital revolution and failed to incorporate hybrid AV solutions into their meeting spaces struggled to keep up with collaboration and communications without technical difficulties. 

Even before the national lockdown, Peter Birkholm, the founder and Managing Director of Into the Zone, understood the importance of keeping up with the times. As a management and leadership consultancy company, Into the Zone focuses on building client relationships across 20 different industries. Into the Zone’s influence reaching Europe, U.S.A, Australia, and Africa. Sustaining global operation requires proper video conferencing technology. SMART’s digital display unique white-boarding features such as intuitive writing and high accuracy have impressed Birkholm, who decided to update his office space which proved to be extremely useful in the past year. 

The challenge

Nowadays, most companies rely on visual presentations to inspire, teach, or sell. Visual tools such as whiteboards, LED panels and projectors are integral in a variety of verticals, from education and healthcare to retail and corporate. Normal business operations during the pandemic have proven to be a problem for Into the Zone - especially collaboration and business communications which, prior to COVID-19, were predominantly face-to-face.

During important meetings, Birkholm found meetings with visual presentations a lot of work, using multiple devices independently. It was a short-term, awkward, solution that needed to be addressed quickly into the pandemic. 

Although, Into the Zone had a SMART board installed in the meeting space, he didn’t realise the full potential of the technology he had at his fingertips. 

“Suddenly I realised that this thing could do more than I thought it could do” – Peter Birkholm, managing direct at Into the Zone.


The Midwich and SMART solution 

Into the Zone was already halfway there in that they already had a brilliant piece of technology on-site. SMART 6265S-PW Ultra HD display provides optimal image clarity and wide viewing angles. This interactive display with iQ is the hub of any meeting room. However, this kit needed to be fully integrated into the operation of the business.

Midwich is proud to be an added value distributor and proud of the level of care provided. Our interactive displays team at Midwich are trained by the vendors themselves and their technological knowledge means that customer needs are met with complete AV solutions. Even post installation, training and tutorials are available to ensure customer enjoy the full functionality of products. 

SMART provided information that Peter Birkholm lacked when he first purchased the SMART Board. He was then able to connect all his devices to his board and enjoy uninterrupted conferencing remotely.

“It was a true ‘wow moment’, and I don’t get wowed that often” – Peter Birkholm, managing direct at Into the Zone.

The result 

Interactive displays are more than just a digital whiteboard. The SMART board technology allows multiple users to write simultaneously with a pen, move objects with a finger, and erase digital ink with a palm - all without switching tools. Features that include a web browser and a wireless screen sharing provide uninterrupted collaboration, necessary for any business.  

With SMART interactive displays, companies are now managing their virtual spaces easier and without further technical difficulties or awkward set-ups. It allowed Into the Zone to conduct visually appealing, professional meetings whilst increasing their one-to-one business. 

“It’s been a game-changer for me” – Peter Birkholm, managing direct at Into the Zone.


Even when we are working remotely, social skills and remote collaboration remain on the top of companies’ priorities.

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