Saville Audio Visual purchase A3Pro LED for their rental fleet

Saville Audio Visual, an experienced and innovative provider of AV products and live events services, were looking to introduce a high resolution LED product to their rental portfolio. The requirement was to introduce a sub 5mm product that had performance at the right price point, at a quantity to meet the high demand they were receiving for LED. Saville already owned an LED mesh product on their hire fleet which was being used extensively on rental jobs, so they felt confident that a higher resolution product would be equally, if not more successful. A finer pixel pitch LED product can perform in a variety of applications other products struggle delivering; consistent brightness and visibility, regardless of ambient light plus clear picture quality and a higher contrast ratio and richer colours than projectors. Unable to find a suitable product which met all of their requirements, Saville engaged with PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) who had recently added LED to their own rental portfolio and had a comprehensive LED distribution offering.

Following an on-site product demonstration of Absen A3Pro 3.9mm LED the Finance Director and Technical Team visited the PSCo Assessment Centre in Reading for a personal demonstration and to finalise commercial terms. In May 2014, Saville purchased 120 panels of A3Pro including the PSCo GroundStack mounting solution for live events. To ensure Saville could support their immediate rental projects while the product was being produced in China, PSCo supported with 90 panels from their own rental fleet. PSCo handled the full procurement process for Saville, including Factory Acceptance Testing in China and commissioning on arrival in the UK. As part of the partnership between PSCo and Saville, PSCo bought a matching batch of A3Pro for their own rental fleet, ensuring that whenever Saville didn’t have enough LED to fulfil their rentals, they could cross hire from PSCo, as a trusted trade only rental provider at partner rates.

Saville have found the partnership with PSCo and the Absen A3Pro 3.9mm LED hugely successful, leading them to place a second order of 252 panels 6 months later! Stuart Holmes, Director of PSCo, said: “We were incredibly pleased to join in a partnership with Saville on this purchase; they are such an established and well respected live events provider in the UK, we were proud they chose us to work with!” Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Ellerby of Saville, said: “We had previously worked with PSCo on both the purchase and rental of LCD displays, so we already knew them well. Following in-depth product demonstrations and understanding how they could support us throughout the procurement process, PSCo quickly became the obvious choice. The on-going partnership ensures that we never have to turn down projects because of a lack of product so we can always support our customers!”

To speak to the PSCo team about your LED requirements, call 0118 372 3300, email or visit their website to find out more.